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I have the plinker plus and have had no troubles with it yet. But I was reading a thread here compairing the internals of several rifle manufacturers. While reading up on what was being said about the Olympic arms and looking at the pictures of the parts I got all paranoid and immediately commenced to tearing my rifle apart to verify some of these claims. I actually found my rifle to be the exact opposite. The receiver IS a forged 7075 T6 aluminum rather then cast, or at least that is what the owners manual is stating The screws for the bolt carrier key are indeed well staked in, and the feed ramps are well matched. I'm guessing that Olympic Arms have made some improvements to there earlyer model or something because my AR did not have any of the faults that were stated in that post ??
I'm no gunsmith or metalurgist so I don't know whether the 7075 T6 aluminum is a good thing or a bad thing but I know that forged is better then cast. Somebody please tell me I didn't buy a piece of junk??
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