Please tell this is not how we are honouring our national heros.

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  1. cswann1

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    Please tell me this is not how we are honouring our national heros.

    I was just goofing around watching some Outdoor Chanel videos on their web site and I happened upon this video.

    In it, Ted Nugent is visiting the Middle East Conflicts Memorial in Illinois. Thirty seconds into the video you see a shot of what appears to be a cemetery for American soldiers KIA. It looks to me like these heros graves reside in an unkept, wee-infested lot with grave markers made from PVC pipe.

    Now I know that we are in a recession but if what I'm seeing is actually what I think I'm seeing, I am absolutely appalled. Someone please tell me this is not what it appears to be. And if it is, it needs to be fixed. Fast.

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  2. dunerunner

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    It is a memorial, not (I believe) the place where these young soldiers are laid to rest.

    The crosses I think are symbolic and I would hope there is intent to replace them with something more permanent and more respectful of a soldiers ultimate sacrifice.

  3. c3shooter

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    It is not what it appears to be. That is not a military cemetery. The PVC crosses are intended to accompany the Memorial as a graphic representation of the number of dead.
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    That's quite a relief.

    I can't say that I'm crazy about a mock veterans cemetery with PVC markers, but then I guess someone thought it was OK. If they're going to have it they should maintain it better though.
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    Soldiers graves

    My wife's calling is to photograph the graves of vets for anyone who requests them,usually over the internet.The cemetaries she visits are large and small. She gets nothing in return other than an occasional thanks.

    When she goes out to these graveyards,usually every weekend,she has to take a probe,digging tools,grass cutters,and stiff brushes.

    To find them, she many times has to probe to find the brass monuments. Then cut grass and dig 1 to 6 inches to uncover them, clean them and photograph to send to their ancestors.

    It is a shame to know how many of our vets graves are treated here in the good 'ol USA.