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    I have an in-line muzzleloader that I plan on hunting with in the next few days. I'm shooting 250gr Hornady hp sabot rounds propelled by 150 gr Pyrodex pellets. The gun is zeroed at 100yds and shoots 2" groups consistently from a rest. Now the mystery I'm dealing with is that at only 50yds it shoots LOW about 4" consistently from a rest. ?????. Anyone ever heard of this? To me this goes against the physics of bullet flight. I shot half a dozen rounds from each distance at rest today cleaning after every shot and I just can't wrap my brain around what going on.:confused:
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    The bullet is still on the way up at 50 yrds is the best way I can explain it. If your line of sight is straight but the bbl is pointing up, the gun will be zeroed for where the straight line of sight intersects the arc of the bullet path.If your line of sight and bbl were perfectly parallel your gun would shoot low everywhere :)

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    Think of it like this, have you ever seen a field goal blocked? The goal posts are much taller than the average football player, yet the ball can still be blocked by a player while it is still traveling in an upward arc.

    But thinking about it, 4" low does seem a bit excessive. You sure you didn't turn the target upside down when you took it down? :)
    I think 4" high would be normal.
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    Move back to 100 yards from the target.