Please help. Keep or sell. Remington 1100 Trap

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by fastline, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. fastline

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    I did some trading a while back and ended up with a Remington 1100 trap, 2 3/4, 30" fixed full choke, with the factor engraving. I have not even shot it but very familiar with my 870 pump which feels similar. I don't really hunt that much but will be setting up a trap house and sport clays at the house some day. I also would like something setup for home defense.

    In discussion with my bro, it might be reaching to expect one gun to cover trap and sport clay. Also not sure if I would like this 1100 or not. Seems a feather weight is needed for sport clay in which maybe I could make that work for trap too?

    Basically trying to decide to keep or sell. I have advertised the gun and had many people interested but not sure if I should cut it loose or hang on to it. I am not one to have a bunch of non-use guns around. I only have what I will use.

    I have also thought about converting the 1100 with another barrel but not sure if that is really smart.
  2. Kdub

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    It will probably make a great trap gun. Sporting clay guns can be used effectively at trap, but if you arr serious about it you need a dedicated trap gun with a raised rib.

  3. HockaLouis

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    If u want the gun to be used for Trap and OTHER things a TRAP gun will not work. The POI with the sigts/rib is aimed to break visible rising birds at 36 yards. That's it.

    I hate to say this -- sell it.
  4. ineverFTF

    ineverFTF New Member

    Or you could donate it to a young man lookin for a nice semi auto? ;)
  5. locutus

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    With a replacement 18 inch cylinder bore barrel it's a nearly perfect home defense gun.:)
  6. Hookeye

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    I am not a trap shooter, but use my dad's 1100 trap with the comb reduced and standard factory rib trap bbl...............and shoot doubles and triples on doves coming from all different angles.

    With the trap wood the thing is a tank.

    But man it puffs the birds. Even the clay ones (again, not a trap shooter but with my slob shooting I broke mid 90's with it from 16-20 yards).