PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY very old black powder gun

Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by cristina, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. cristina

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    Can anyone help me identify this gun. Any information will be helpful. It is a black powder gun and is inscribed japan 2369. I know absoulutley nothing about guns and any information you could give me would be wonderful. I appreciate your help!!:) [​IMG]<br>[​IMG]<br>[​IMG]<br>
  2. canebrake

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    I'm sure someone will be by to help you soon.

    In the meantime hop over to the Introductions section and let us know a little about you.

  3. BillM

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    NOT very old. First clue is that it says Japan---if it said anything
    at all an older gun would be marked Nippon.

    It looks like a kit gun, probably no older than the 1960's. If the pictures
    are correct and the lock is on the left side, it's what's called a horse
    pistol, pommel pistol or saddle pistol. They would be carried in pairs, in
    holsters slung on either side of a saddle in front of the rider. One would have
    the lock on the left side, the other on the right side.

    I'm guessing that the bore measures real close the 5/8" and it is a
    smoothbore? A lot of the kits were sold as a "Tower Flintlock Pistol".
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  4. cristina

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    Wow thank you so much. Do you have any idea of maybe around how much it is worth?
  5. SteveDS

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    Picked up a nearly identical one (lock is on right side of gun - yours looks like a left hand model) last year at an estate sale last year for $25 as a wall hanger. Very poorly made. Soft frizzen, nails used for cross pins, breech plug appears to be welded in place – the list goes on. Would not consider shooting.
  6. Hawg

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    These were very cheaply made guns and imported from Japan by the thousands in the 60's and 70's. The right hand Tower was sold by Dixie Gun Works for I'm thinking 49.00 in 72. It's a .69 Cal. smoothbore and the locks wouldn't spark very well. In their catalog Dixie said for ten dollars more they'd tune the locks to spark. IMHO if the lock showers sparks have fun with it and if it doesn't it will make a neat wallhanger. As for value they're priced around 125.00-150.00 on gunbroker and worth less than half that.
  7. deth502

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    is the gun as it appears in your pics, as the posters are assuming, or were the pics taken with a web cam that reversed the images?

    if you were to hold the grip as if you were going to shoot it, is the hammer on the left or right side?