Playing with fire?

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  1. Shadylane

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    I bought a demilled Bren machine gun for reenacting and parades. I have used an epoxy to literally glue and fill the cuts in the receiver. There is no way this thing would shoot. For some reason it never occurred to me that I might be out of compliance of the law when I did this. Any opinions, am I playing with fire by doing this.
  2. cnorman18

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    I would think you're OK

    Well, I'm not the expert here, but it seems to me that if the gun still won't fire, you're in the clear. It's an inert hunk of metal, and it belongs to you; you can paint it blue and hang cowbells on it if you want to. The only way you could get in trouble would be if you made it so it goes "bang".

  3. LEO

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    Not sure your breaking any laws here.

    Unless the glue is going to cause it to operate and fire and you do not have proper documentation... I think your in the clear.

    If I wanted to dump epoxy in the receiver of my machine gun... that would be my business and no violation of law.