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    My tightest group ever ....while just clowning around . Ive been doing some utility upgrades to my remington 7600 .308 . nikon 3x9 ,ati tactical pistolgrip buttstock ,trigger job ,desert warrioir adj.cheek rest ,10 shot metal mags ...being a pump, a bi-pod is a barrel mount only . I know all that has been said ,written about this type of set up ....But I just stepped out side to shoot it a few times since installing the cheekrest and the harris barrel mount adapter /wally world winchester bipod .. shooting off the bipod , I shot a 3 shot clover leaf in only 3 shots from a cold bore .....granted it was only at 35 yards and it was 2 inches high from bullseye ,but the 7600 isnt theorectically capable of this tight a group .Ill check it at 100 yards , on the bipod and bipod folded ,forearm resting on bags . Any ''long shots'' happen to know what 2 inches high at 35 yards = in maximum point blank range ? I might not have to adjust scope:D