Places to train in southern California or Arizona?

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    My birthday is coming up and my parents said I could go to a shooting class for my birthday, problem is I am having trouble finding a place to train at. First off please none of the ''you're a minor stuff''. Now that that's out of the way, I need a place to train at that is near Los Angeles, CA or Phoenix, AZ. Most of the places I find are 4-5 hours from my home or they do just a basic handgun class (I want to take a carbine/rifle course). Is anyone familiar with any places to go in either location? Preferably in Arizona, that way I can put on a NORMAL magazine release. I also cant go over 300$(Maybe a little) for the class or Im using my own money. Ideally I would want to go to tactical response, range time ts or lone operator inc. Sadly those are all on the other side of the country so they are out of the question. I have yet to find a place in either location that is under 2hrs away. I know that lax firing range does courses but whats the point if I need to use a bullet button. Shooters world in az does courses as well but you need to be a ccw holder and they don't have any carbine classes that fit my schedule, which would be any time in early June or throughout July. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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    In Az. I would suggest Gunsite, until you mentioned the $$ Limitation. While Classes at the facility start at 1K and up(except for the CCW Class which is $300), sometimes the Trainers go out to other local ranges to hold classes. Their CH.RSO Ed Stock Taught My "Refresher" Pistol class last Summer at our local Indoor Range, which required 350 Rounds per person. the other suggestion is Gabe SURAEZ of SURAEZ Int'l Combat Shooting. (discounted classes start at $400) he's up here by Me(Prescott). the alternative is to hire a "Private Shooting & Personal Security Consultant" to Train You. If your able to drive up here(about 90-120 Mins. from the Metro Phx) I have some names. All are either retired LE, Retired Military, and in One's Case,..Both...MY Indoor range also offers Classes, but their space in limited(They are in Camp Verde, about 5 Mins. From the I-17 Interchange on Rt 260. I don't know about Carbine, but they Teach: Basic Pistol,Adv.Pistol, Shotgun, Basic Rifle...

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