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    I live just north of town and usually go to the SGL range out in Wexford. The new handgun range is nice and I don't really mind the 6 round capacity rule since most of my handguns are revolvers. And it forces me to take my time with my semis. But the 3 round limit at the rifle range is about the most annoying thing I have ever encountered. I am not the type to dump a case of ammo in an afternoon but I also like to practice follow up shots.

    So my question is, are there other public ranges close to me that any of you use? And do any of you belong to a sportsman's club that is taking new members? My landlord is a member at Millvale sportsman's club, and I have went there to shoot skeet with him a couple times, but they are not accepting any more members right now.

    Thanks for the help.
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    What area are ya in? I live in North Hills (west view). I recently joined a club in Butler thats only $20 a year. Its an hour away but Its 2 mins from my moms house where i spend most weekends so its not so bad. Plus after dealing with the marshall range in wexford for years Ive never been happier with a private range. Milvale club is a damn good club but the membership costs are steep to say the least.
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    I like the 3 shot limit at the SGL range. It keeps idiots from blazing away and gives folks a chance to clear the line and change targets.
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    I shoot at the SGL in Wexford but it would be nice to find a club close to me, I live near cranberry twp

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    Try the app "Find Ranges". Great when you are out of town too.