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Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by Banger, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Banger

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    I have a MAK90 that I'm trying to make 922r compliant. I bought a Tapco piston for the AK47 as one of my 922r parts. The instructions say to just simply screw it on the carrier with locktite (not pinned). But, that would make it rigid and not loose fitting as the original piston fits. Two questions comes to mind...

    1) Are AK pistons supposed to fit loosely and
    2) Does it make a difference if the Tapco piston fits tightly on the carrier ?
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    AK pistons are supposed to have some motion in them. They are pinned with a cross pin after being threaded in. If you are going to do the swap I would take the parts to a gunsmith or machinist who could drill and pin your new piston after it is threaded to the proper depth.

  3. 7.62 Man

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    Here is a video showing how to replace the gas piston in your MAK 90.


    It is not as hard as it looks if you have access to a drill press you could do it your self.