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  1. 11Handicap

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    What sites does everyone like? I have a ruger sr9c with three dot adjustable. Not a big fan of my site picture. Bigger front site and smaller in rear, seams a lot of room bettween. Small dot, big front dot, small dot. Will the other sites make much of a difference? There are alot to choose from. What about the night sites?

    Thanks for your help. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. rugerjazzkohai

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    On my carry (1911 Kimber Raptor II) I installed xs sights which are the large front dot. I bought it for quick acquisition which it superbly does. Has a trijicon dot on the main shight. Love the fact that my eyes attracted to it fast. The only problem that I have is that I like to shoot 1 inch dots at 7 yards and the sights I'm pretty much guessing where the target is. I have mil spec / GI sights for precision.even tho I don't like the gun, I do like Glock sights. I read an advertisement for dual sights which are fiber optic + trijicon. I hear good things about gold bead front sights and I may try it out in the future.

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    I like my Sig combat sights. Front dot and dash in the back. And on my glock is standard rear and red fiber optic up front