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    I own a Ruger 22/45 mark 3 Hunter Target model pistol. Looking for member input about what scope power and possibly recommend brand of scope that would work well with my pistol...picture of members pistols would be appreciated, I do not want to regret the scope upgrade after i have shelled out the money. Thanks in advance ...Wrangler

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    Handgun Scope??

    Wrangler, that's owner preference only. My opinion is for a low power (2X/4X) with a 32 to 40MM diameter.
    My thinking to that is to establish one focal point (the cross-hair) on to target, not the magnification power.
    You will find also with a straight/low power scope, that you will be on target quicker, not trying to find the target in a "black" scope view.
    Also, each to his own, but I think you would be wise NOT to put a lot of $ into a scope until you find out if pistol scope use is right for you-AGAIN this is only my opinion..
    I have a 3X7 power Bushnell scope on my 9 1/2" Ruger Super RedHawk (.44Mag.) that I keep on 3X most of the time, for a larger field of view. I only got the variable model because I got it on a good trade, used. If I had bought new, it would have been a 2X or 4X fixed model..
    Just my 2 cents worth..Bill..;)