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    Do you keep your gun in a hard or soft gun case ....If-so do you put one of those packets in your case to fight moister and mildew...???....My dad had a gun and the packet was touching the bluing on the gun and you could see where it was touching-it on the barrel of the gun...It was stored for years like that..maybe 20yrs or so...just saying those packets can mess-up your gun if left touching the gun for a long time.......:(:confused:...Why he didn't shoot it for over 20yrs I don't know...He's dead so I can't ask he.....Love-yea dad.......
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    I keep them in a soft case & in a firesafe which has a dehumidifyer in it.

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    When they aren't on me, my handguns usually just stay in their holsters :p . Though, I'm a minimalist and usually only have a couple handguns at any one time.
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    Leather will attract moisture and will allow your beauties to rust.

    Same is true for any gun rug or case. The foam retains moisture from the outdoors.

    I have plastic containers with labels and dessicant in each container. Makes it easier to stack in the safe and see quickly what is in each container.
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    Soft sided cases have been known to cause guns to "sweat" and rust. I keep all guns not under my immediate control, in one of 3 gun safes. I use the packets of silica jell and so far, have never had a moisture or rust problem and I live in a humid climate. I once had an unlimited supply of the jell packets, some the size of baseballs, but the smaller ones work just as well. Many items are shipped with the jell packets. If you know anyone who works in a shipping / receiving environment, they usually throw away hundreds of them a week. Shoe sales departments are also a good source.

    If they absorb moisture, they can be "recharged" by placing them on a cookie sheet in a warm oven.

    If you are storing your guns in cases, "hidden" in your closet, or under your bed, please re-think the security of your firearms. Trust me, burglars know where to find them. Buying a quality gun safe will give you peace of mind when you are away from home. Yeah, they can be expensive, but they are a whorthwhile investment.