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  1. tomharkness

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    I am building a pistol range that will be for teaching and private use of local members and guest. Anyone have any ideas about a good insurance company or type of insurance that should be maintained?

    Let me rephrase the question for clarity: If you have any experience with purchasing insurance for a pistol range "Indoor or Outdoor", and know of an insurance company that currently supplies this... or if you currently have insurance for a pistol range from the NRA... I would like to know more about what you know.

    Thank you.
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  2. danf_fl

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    The NRA has good info on building and maintaing a range. They MAY have info on insurance companies, also.

    Also look into forming a LLC to run the range. Protect your assets.

  3. tomharkness

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    Thank you. I have already purchased the NRA Range Book and have started building my range based on the NRA standards. Please do not take this the wrong way, but that was not my question. What I am looking for was someone that has some experience with purchasing insurance for their "Outdoor Pistol Range".

    As for the NRA: just about everyone I know has known someone that has told them about the NRA "Possibly" having a program that would cover a pistol range. I am sure that I could contact the NRA and have someone direct me to someone that might have some information about someone that can help me find someone that knows about insurance for an outdoor pistol range.

    However, I would like to get input from someone that has actually been involved in getting insurance for an outdoor range.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  4. jrfctx

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    Might want to check out Granite Insurance. Not sure they do ranges but they do cover firearms instruction.
  5. tomharkness

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    I have talked with a couple of insurance agents here in my area, but they are quoting me about $2000/year for $100,000 of insurance. I have heard through the grapevine that I should have at least 1mil for my range. Now all I have to do is find someone that has already purchased or participated in the purchasing of insurance for a range.

    As for the Texas Concealed Handgun Teaching: Instructors are protected from liability when a student goes nuts.... thank God: did you know that Malik Nadal Hassan took the CHL course just one week before going on his Ft. Hood shooting spree?
  6. c3shooter

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    Tom- The Shooters Association I belong to has our insurance with the NRA. Disclaimer- I am NOT the insurance buyer for the Association- that is our treasurer. The coverage is handled thru the Lockton Agency, one of the larger independent agents in the US.

    Our treasurer has been good enough to talk with folks from other areas that were having insurance troubles. If you PM me, will get you an address you can drop him a note.

    I work for an insurance carrier (I DO NOT sell insurance- I am SKILLED labor!) I will tell you that $100,000 is an incredibly LOW limit of insurance coverage. Standard is $1 million per occurrence/ $3 million aggregate (max of $3 million per year in claims). The important part of insurance is legal defense is provided by the carrier- priced a GOOD lawyer lately?

    DO establish an LLC. Limited Liability Corp. If you own the land, RENT it to the LLC. Pay yourself a salary from the LLC. A lawsuit against a corporation can only seek the assets of the corporation- not your house, your car, your kid's college savings fund.
  7. Poink88

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    I agree, the purpose is "containment" of any liability exposure. I know someone who have multiple LLC's and though he makes millions, he hardly owns anything himself (by design) because his job is the high risk exposure. Good luck!