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Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by Voltron, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Voltron

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    I have a black powder pistol and when I pull back the hammer to try to engage it, it will not lock into place. Does anyone know what can cause this?
  2. 1984cj

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    More information needed.
    Make and model of pistol.
    What have you done to it that either caused this or to try and fix it?
    Did it ever work?
    When did it quit working?
    Could be rusty lock. could be a spring out of place.Could be a screw fell out. Could be that the sear is broken.

  3. zeskullmaster

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    I have a cap and ball pistol that did that I found a weak spring in the fram that broke when I pulled it out I replaced it with one I ordered from Dixi gun works cost me about 6 bucks as I ordered four of them just in case one of my other revolvers does the same thing ..... but weak or broken flat springs is a common thing with a well used pistol kinda like anything that is enjoyed it will break down in time so take it apart if you can and check the springs other wise a local gun smith can do it for you at a cost .. keep - em - shooting and enjoy
  4. Hawg

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    If it's a weak or broken trigger spring it will stay cocked if you push the trigger forward when you cock it. About the only other likely thing would be the sear is broken or worn. Disassemble it and the cause should be obvious.