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  1. ss33204

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    I recently picked up a soviet tokarev tt33 for $199. I really love the pistol and the 7.62x25 rounds truly do feel "low recoil". Since I've noticed that many of the surplus firearm dealers in town have tons of these pistols right now. I was thinking maybe I would buy another 2-3 pistols. The ammo is only about $350 for 3000. Would these be a good idea for collecting pistols? Will they always be around?

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    You can collect anything. If it brings you enjoyment then your collection is great. If you are thinking of collecting these pistols for monetary gain, then maybe not the best choice. There are many right now, will there always be some, probably. Will there get to be less of them? Yes.

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    If you were stocking cheap milsurp for emergency times and believe that the ammo you have is all you'll EVER have, I'd say they are a good choice. Never quite got the idea of trading guns and ammo to others in a SHTF times though...