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    To begin, when I originally became interested in a SBR I was immediately attracted to a Kel-Tec SU-16D. It was the size, design and WELL within the price range I was looking for. However, it's a restricted firearm since it's classified a SBR due to the 9" or 12" barrels the guns have. I couldn't order one from K-T directly and as I discovered, the local dealers wouldn't touch it since I'm not in law enforcement or security, the groups the gun is marketed to. So, after checking around and doing some research I took the PLR-16 I've owned since April '06 - it's been my avatar here since joining the group - and decided the way to go was to exchange the PLR's pistol grip for a folding stock from a Kel-Tec SU-16C rifle. You can see the evolution of the gun in the photo's at the bottom. Essentially, I made my own 9" SU-16D. I FINALLY got the Class III stamp I applied for (last July) the day after Christmas, ordered a folding stock from Kel-Tec for $80 and replaced the original grip in about five minutes. Other than the Magpul angled fore grip I added to the forend and the optic, everything I added to my pistol is designed, built and sold direct from K-T so there was no fitting or modification required. Best of all, even with buying all the major parts separately, I still saved about $200 over the cost of a new SU-16D which covered the cost of the Class III stamp! Also, I can now use the folding stock, the original pistol grip, a vertical grip for the front or any combination of them because my gun is now a rifle. I have a few other bells and whistles for my new toy but the way it looks in the first two photo's is the way she'll stay most of the time. The other pictures are how my PLR first looked when it came out of the box over 5 years ago and with all it's "pistol" options prior becoming a SBR. It's been a work-in-progress for nearly two years and I just completed the final mods a few weeks ago... at least for now.

    It's been a long journey that was frequently frustrating, occasionally annoying and at times left me wondering why I bothered in the first place. Still, now that it's all said and done, it was worth it. Maybe I'll add a suppressor in the not too distant future as icing on the cake. I'm now familiar with the Class III process, such as the paperwork involved and what the wait will be, so I shouldn't have any surprises or unexpected delays, but I'll save that for another years tax return.

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