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  1. jjfuller1

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    so just looking for any thing really. pics, stories, game taken. gun used. i know theres got to be some helpful info from you guys that i havent considered yet.
    eventually my goal is to use a .22 rev, and a .357 rev to take squrriels, rabbits, woodchucks, crows and deer.

    so if you have any knowledge or experiences i want to hear them.

    and pics if ya got em.
  2. The_Kid

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    Well, I have taken a 200lbs on the hoof doe with my 8" barreled S&W 686 357. I was using the Hornady 158gr HP-XTP at 1050fps.
    The deer was 65 yards away, the bullet went between ribs on entrance went through the heart and lungs then broke a rib on exit. The exit hole was about as large as my index finger.
    The deer ran about 60 yards before collapsing.

    I've taken two groundhogs with the same pistol, one at 165 yards.

    I don't really hunt with it much.

  3. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 New Member

    Oh I would thought a SP better suited for deer.

    Any. Body else???
  4. The_Kid

    The_Kid New Member

    I'm in the "shot placement" crowd.

    Also, unless I would load a .358" diameter bullet deep into the case, or a light .358" diameter, the revolver would not be able to function... unless you know of bullets I am unaware of.

    I'm pleased with 50% expansion at handgun velocities.
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  5. 303tom

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    I think he meant Soft Point not Spear Point...............
  6. yazul42

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    I enjoy handgun hunting very much,, many a squirrel and rabbit have been added to the pot with a .22 pistol, I hunt larger game with a rebarreled Ruger Blackhawk in .41 mag. The work was done by Mr. Gary Reeder. It has taken wild hogs and deer. I like the heavier calibers for deer sinply because the extra power gives you a little more room for error from the .357. I definitely agree that shot placement is paramount, practice, practice, practice,,, it pays off even more with a handgun,, I shake enough watching a nice buck come in or slipping up on a hog,, the more confidence you have from lots of practice, will help you make a good shot when you are full of adrenalin and excited. Have fun and enjoy the rush.
  7. greenhornet-1

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    I hunt with a handgun exclusivly unless we do man drives. I killed an 8 pointer last fall with a 357 max lone eagle at 30 yards from a tree stand. It's a great challenge using a handgun, but it's fun!!
  8. c3shooter

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    Rabbit hunt with a Ruger .22 auto, and deer hunt with a Dan Wesson 15-2 VH, 10 inch bbl.

    Deer hunting is Eastern White Tail, heavy mountain laurel thickets, limited sight distance (50 yds on a good day!)

    Roll my own handloads, 185 gr hard cast solids. If I do my part, it does it's part very well.

    Re: Hollow points for hunting- No. Need penetration- and a handgun bullet that expands will probably not do that. I want two holes- one to let blood out, one to let air in- passing throgh heart/lungs. Heavier bullet does that well.
  9. MOshooter

    MOshooter New Member

    I started out with a H&R Sportsmen mod.999 22 cal. DA revolver,that little revolver took a lot of squirrels and rabbits. In the 90s I bought a Ruger MKII Competition Target Model...Talk about dotting the eyes,that ruger is one accurate game getter :)

    For handgun deer hunting I bought a S&W revolver 629 44mag in the early 90s,which has proven to be a good whitetail hunter through the years.
  10. Firenailer

    Firenailer New Member

    I've taken Whitetails with a 44 Mag in the past. That gun was sold years ago and I now have a .357 I'd like to take out this year. I'm thinking a 158 gr. Semi-Jacket Soft Point will do the trick out to 35 - 40 yds.
  11. Intheshop

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    Started with a #41 Smith on Squirrels,rabbits.Shot that for a few years.Then began reloading and found it easier,more efficient going with cast 140 g,SWC's out of a Python.Which is still the preferred setup.No sxpansion,just a clean hole.The advantage with the Python is to have some JHP's on hand for varmints...G-hogs,yotes.

    Although I've got other 44's....some maybe even better suited to Deer hunting,an old # 4" 629 is the go-to venison getter.Closest shot was from a ground blind @ 10 or so feet....yes,feet.Nice 8 point,got complete penetration,end to end with a classic Keith/Lyman 429421.
  12. jjfuller1

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    well even when rifle hunting most of my shots are under 50 yards. so i figure what the hey, let me try a pistol.

    did this with my gp100 at 50 yards the other day.. with just a little more practice and playing with the sights i think i'll be just fine.

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  13. nhsuper44

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    I started hunting with a thompson center contender in .44mag a couple years ago. 3pt buck taken with it. Last year I got a CVA optima .50 cal. black powder pistol and shot a 4pt buck. Both deer shot at 50 and 30 yards out of treestand. I'm hooked on pistol hunting!!:)
  14. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    I carry a handgun as a backup weapon when hunting. I have taken deer with a handgun but it was because my rifle or shotgun was out of reach.
  15. hardluk1

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    I used a DW revolver with a 8" barrel to kill close to 200 hogs over 20 years. Some trapped. most stalked up close enought to take the shoulders out. Ammo was 170gr speer sp or 180gr hard cast at 1150fp. Easy to control and did the job well. Loaded some way hotter loads but recovery was not very quick and they were not enjoyable to shoot one handed. Also used a red dot for all those years. Took a couple deer with some old 158gr rem ammo .
  16. onenut58

    onenut58 New Member

    I cannot comment on the deer back east but here in north Idaho factory ammo 158 grain hollow points make short work of white tails with in hand gun range.They work real well on elk and black bear as well.