Pistol Grip?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by pumpkinball, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    I haven't been active lately due to some personal matters. But I'm back in the game. I've gotta lotta lookin back to do, but I also have yet another question.
    I have decided to go at the turn of the year and get me a new shot gun. I am looking to use this one strictly as a home defence weapon, but at the same time, all my guns go quite often to the range. That being said, I've got to be able to enjoy this gun. Of course the Mossberg 500A , right? Well I was actually looking at the Maverick 88. With the same basic design, only half the cost, what's the issue? Is the Maverick as good of a weapon? I only know a few people that have opinions on them, but no one has said anything bad about it to me.
    My new home defence shot gun will be a 12 guage pump, and will have some accessories also. This is another reason that I feel like the 88 will be a good choice. Most anything that fits a 500 will work on Maverick as well.
    Okay, I kind of got off track. The whole reason that I was starting the thread is to ask about a pistol grip. I do like the stocks that have a thumbhole or a pistol grip as well as a shoulder stock. It's comfortable to me and I also feel like I have a little more control over the weapon. My reason for asking about just a pistol grip is, of course it looks tacticool, but it's a good bit shorter making for good manuverability and easier to put into smaller places. But the down fall that I'm expecting is poor control during shot and the inability to aim comfortably.
    I would like some opinions on this before I settle for sure on my weapon of choice. And also before I order any accessories for it. I don't want to spend the money to find out the hard way that I don't like something. Thanks for any input you have.
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    I have a Remington 870 and A Mossberg 590. I put the Hogue Tamer pistol grip on the 590 and love to shoot it. You are right, it is very easy to wield indoors, even with the extended magazine tube. The only add-on that I have is a sure-fire mounted on the mag. I would ask a friend who has one to see if you could shoot it, but imho the Hogue is great.