pistol grip shotty 18 or 21???

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    so after work today me and a couple co-workers went to the local sporting goods store and one of the guys is 20 and was looking at a Mossberg 500 12 that just has the pistol grip and a 20" barrel. The big question was if you needed to be 18 or 21 to buy one of these shottys. Id say 18 but being the thing is strictly pistol grip i could see where the 21 would be the age. I live in Montana any ideas on an age?
    thanks 500
  2. c3shooter

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    Anywhere in the US, it is 21. Federal law. C&P from the ATF newsletter:

    In the last ATF Newsletter (August 1998) an
    article stated shotguns with pistol grips and no
    shoulder stocks attached were restricted to
    persons 21 years of age or older if being sold by a
    Federal firearms licensee. This requirement is
    specified in 27 CFR § 178.99(b) and 18 U.S.C.
    922(b)(1) (www.atf.treas.gov/core/regulations/
    27cfr178.html), which states that if the firearm to
    be transferred is “other than a rifle or shotgun”
    then the purchaser must be 21 years of age. The
    definition of a shotgun under the GCA [18 U.S.C.
    § 921(a)(5)] is a weapon “intended to be fired
    from the shoulder.” With the pistol grip in lieu of
    the shoulder stock, this weapon is not designed to
    be fired from the shoulder, and therefore is not a
    Questions have been raised about those firearms
    that are supplied with both a pistol grip and a
    shoulder stock. If the firearm is sold with the
    shoulder stock then the firearm is intended to be
    fired from the shoulder and would be considered a
    shotgun. The shoulder stock does not necessarily
    have to be attached at the time. Persons 18 years
    of age or older may purchase those firearms from
    Other questions raised pertain to entries made in
    the licensee’s required records as to firearm
    “type” if not shotgun. These entries may indicate
    the firearm type simply as Title I.

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    @ age 19 in 1995,i purchased a winchester 1300 defender w/pistol grip from K-mart :)...i guess the law has changed alil bit sense then...couldnt he purchase a shotty w/ a shoulder stock & then add the pistol grip?....better off w/the shoulder stock anyways:)
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    Heck, when I was 16 Kmart had a sheet you had to sign to state you were 18 when buying ammo. They didn't require you to show ID or anything, just sign and go.

    I miss the old days:(
  5. 500mag_guy

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    im not sure what his reasons are lol personally i would prefer setting a 12ga into my shoulder too. but it is a cute little shotty hahah if he cant get it i may just get it to add it to the collection.:D $249.99 NIB isnt bad i dont think.
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    i think it all dependes on what state you live in !! i know in GA you can!! what state are you in??