pistol caliber carbines

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  1. shaneo206

    shaneo206 New Member

    what are the top 10 or so best pistol caliber carbines? Considering getting one.
  2. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    I guess I'm old school, I like the original Ruger .44 Carbine, the pre-rotary magazine model. I also like Marlin 1894's in .357 and .44 Magnums.

  3. OlPainless

    OlPainless New Member


    What caliber pistols do you have? What do you intend to use it for?
  4. shaneo206

    shaneo206 New Member

    have pistols in calibers .22lr, 9mm, .40 s&w, and .45 ACP. want to use the carbine for recreation but it needs to also be suitable for self/home defense.
  5. OlPainless

    OlPainless New Member

    I've been a long time fan of the Marlin Camp Carbines and the Ruger PC9, but both of those are a little old-fashined (not that there's anything wrong with that :cool:). If you're looking for something a little more modern i've heard good things about the Beretta Storm series carbines.

    If you're into plastic you can get an inexpensive Kel-Tec Sub2000. If you have one of the more common pistols in 9mm or .40 (G17, G22, 92FS, SW 59, 226, etc...) you may even be able to get one that shares magazines with it.
  6. 1919A4

    1919A4 New Member

    If you get a Marlin Camp Carbine, invest in a Wolff spring kit for it and the aftermarket recoil buffer. These rifles are notorious for cracked stocks from the recoil but if you add these things, no problem.
  7. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    Seriously, the Hi-Point carbines are good functioning weapons. They are not pretty and they only have them in 9mm and .40 S&W. They have been teasing about a .45 ACP carbine, but I don't think it is on the market yet. Lifetime warranty, but the mags are cheap. I know I am not alone in the Hi-Point carbine fan arena. :D
  8. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 New Member

    Are you looking toward a pistol caliber carbine for ammo commonality or magazine interchangability with your handgun? If not, I don't see the advantage of having a pistol caliber in a less compact package.

    If you're going to weild a long arm you might as well enjoy all the benefits of it, caliber included.
  9. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Step One - Buy a 1911.

    Step Two - Get this Kit

    Step 3 - Get an AR lower

    Step 4 - Get a .45 caliber upper

    End of problem. All the range, reliability and effectiveness you could need. One caliber to stock. Easy to find in a SHTF situation. Available all over the place. Knock down power.

    /end thread

  10. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member


    One good thing about this one--besides the smokin' price--is it gives you an excuse to go purchase a Glock 22 .40 S&W. Then you can use the magazines for the Glock on the Kel Tec.

    .40 is still a little cheaper than the .45.

    I have heard, though, that the much longer barrel of a carbine will actually SLOW the round down. The round speeds up through the first part of the barrel, then it begins to slow down when the fast-burning pistol ammo powder has been used. I've heard that reloading yourself, using slower burning powder can combat this.
  11. OlPainless

    OlPainless New Member

    Really? even in a barrel thats only 16"? Maybe a long barrel and a fast burning pistol round would cause excessive friction, but out of a 16" carbine barrell I seriously doubt that would be an issue. But I have been wrong before. Many times.
  12. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 New Member

    If you get carried away with barrel length you'll lose velocity, but in a 16" carbine barrel you will gain.
    Federal 124 gr. FMJ (these are PROJECTED, not chronographed velocities)
    Yards Velocity
    0 - 1120
    10 - 1098.5
    20 - 1078.7
    30 - 1060.4
    40 - 1043.4
    50 - 1027.5
    60 - 1012.5
    70 - 998.4
    80 - 985.1
    90 - 972.4
    100 - 960.3

    Federal 180 gr. HI-Shock JHP
    0 - 990
    10 - 978.2
    20 - 966.8
    30 - 956
    40 - 945.4
    50 - 935.5
    60 - 925.8
    70 - 916.4
    80 - 907.3
    90 - 895.5
    100 - 889.9
    At 100 yards the 9mm drops 15.59 inches, the 40 S&W drops 19.15 inches.
    I have these tables out to 300 yards if you want them I can try to scan them as they are from a training manual, not my ballistics program. Based on 0' altitude, 59 degrees F, wind @1mph from 0300.
  13. matt g

    matt g New Member Supporter

    Does the Thompson count? I'd like to have one of those and an MP5A2 or MP5SD.
  14. FCross7

    FCross7 New Member

    What distinguishes an SMG from a pistol caliber carbine? Is it just whether its FA or SA?

  15. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    Shooting a pistol caliber carbine.

    I say get what you can afford, experiment, see what works for you, Ive had a leveraction Rossi 92 PUMA in .38/357caliber didnet have the range I thought it would have + the loading gate prevented topping the mag.
    I had a semiauto Ruger .44 mag carbine (mfg1973) that shot ok, pretty accurately at 100 yds, less drop than my 45-70, problem was reloading that damn tube mag was hard to thumb in fresh rounds (not as easy as one thinks) and it was feeding slow in cold temps (10 degrees and colder it would turn into a straight pull rifle) after $130 work by a good (not great gunsmith) I sold it due to the cold straight pull rifle function issues.
    used the money to buy a S&W revolver.
    A few years back I got a blown-up Hi-Point 995 a semi auto in 9mm somebody shot hot reloads in it and damaged it, sent it in (my cost a little over $14 mailing it to OHIO from NW-AK) I got it back they repaired the carbine (looked new to me) It is a pistol caliber carbine it holds 8 rounds in the mags I have, its functioned just fine at -23F temps that the Ruger .44Carbine choked on, After getting the sights adjusted its not hard to hit all 8 shots on a 2 gallon antifreeze jug at 175 yards, opensights off a rested position (off the back my snowmobile) dopeing wind you move in closer, we used to hold distance shooting with hand guns the 9mms I shot did good (Helwan Bregaider and a 1940 Lahti) used to hit a steel 5 gallon bucket at 249yds along the beach off the Bluff
    I think get the Hi-Point if you dont like it trade up!
    The guns I dident like I traded off and somebody else has them and enjoys them.
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  16. matt g

    matt g New Member Supporter

    I would imagine that the 'machine gun' part is the difference. Both weapons that I mentioned have shortened stock and barrel lengths, so they fit into the carbine definition.
  17. james_black

    james_black New Member

    I honestly wish Glock create a carbine. Same mags same pistol I find that very advantegeous for a home defense/ CQB situation. Knowing Glocks reliabiltity it will be awesome for them to build one for all calibers. Just my 4 cents.
  18. Zebraranger

    Zebraranger New Member

    Hello all, new guy here. I recently added a Beretta CX4 .40 carbine to my small collection as a fun range gun and HD. With a 16.5" barrel and its overall length under 30" It makes a great HD carbine. It also helps that it also uses the same mags as my Beretta 90-Two. I've recently changed out the scope ring to a lower profile ring to allow the Vortex red/green dot to cowitness.
    So far, no issues with it as of yet.
  19. BillM

    BillM Well-Known Member Supporter

    Want a carbine that takes Glock mags?

    K40-GL for 40S&W
    K9-GL for 9mm

    Olympic Arms, Inc. - AR-15 Carbines (16")
  20. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    That Mech Tech that JD mentioned for the 1911 is also made for the Glock.