Pissed with Radio Shack

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by CA357, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. CA357

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    We have a Radio Shack land line phone with a digital answering machine and one satellite phone. We bought it in the beginning of 2005. Well, I set it/them up a few days ago when I finally found them while unpacking. One of them has a dead battery and so it won't charge.

    I figure no problem, I'll go to Radio Shack and pick a couple up so I have a spare. I went there yesterday while we were in town and they don't carry the batteries any more. I don't mean they didn't have any in the store, I mean they just don't carry them. The clerk tried to sell me a new phone, but I passed.

    So, Radio Shack promotes planned obsolescence. So much for environmental consciousness, recycling and all that other greenie ecological stuff. They just want to sell new products.

    Nothing is wrong with the phones, they work fine, one just needs a battery and here's the kicker: I just bought the batteries on Amazon for $11.99 for two with free shipping!

    I will no longer patronize Radio Shack.
  2. Blueguns

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    Never been a big radio shack fan. I've never had a really bad experience, just disorganized stores and high prices have driven me away.

  3. Vikingdad

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    Radio Shack sucks IMO. Occasionally i will go in there when I need something I figure they might have, but they almost never have it. The ironic part is that I go in there for radio stuff!!! WTF Radio Shack?

    Glad you found the batteries. I use Batteries Plus, there is a store nearby and they also have good prices on their website.
  4. 95sniper

    95sniper New Member

    I'm suprised they are still in business, there are plenty of stores with more selection and a better price
  5. primer1

    primer1 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Yeah, the prices suck. Most of it is Chinese crap anyway. Why mark it down to 600% profit when you can sell it for 900%?
  6. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Radio Shack is not the only one that does that.
    Automobiles are a good example.

    Nowadays, government military contracts are calling for COTS equipment (Commercial Off The Shelf). When you are talking COTS and computers, you have about a 6 month life. Then it's off to ebay.com to get parts (which is banned for viewing by the military).

    Catch-22 is still in the military.
  7. WebleyFosbery38

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    Radio Shack or Rat Shack as I used to call it was once a great place to get electronic Parts and even some descent fully made devices. They sold their souls and are now a junk store of very little usage to those of us that once loved them. You can buy 30 different junk toys but cant get a 9 volt regulator, they sell computers but not resistors and the products they do sell arent any better than anything you could buy at a electronics dollar store.

    I used to be a huge fan of local business above anything but now find that concept to be obsolete.
  8. rurak

    rurak New Member

    I buy small pilot lights there when i am building custom electrical equipment, thats about it.
  9. WebleyFosbery38

    WebleyFosbery38 New Member


    If you can wait 2 business days, you can get most of what you might need here, they are an offshoot of Newark Electronics but you dont need to be a dealer and they dont publish a 5000 page catalog that you are forced to help pay for. Ive been buying from MCM for about 25 years and they get it right most of the time for the right price. I bet those rechargeable batteries are in there as well. Probably about the same price as Amazon but I hate searching and for General Electronics, these guys cant be beat.
  10. primer1

    primer1 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I used to buy speaker components from mcm. They always had the best prices.
  11. MoreAltitude

    MoreAltitude New Member

    Very true, there once was a time that radio shack was THE place to get electronic items, and probably for most of us the only electronic supply item business in town. Bought my first solder gun there, my first multiband radio, etc etc. It's just sad now to go into these places, you can't even get 2 feet in the joint before someone is trying to sell you a cell phone. Ultimately, what is most sad is RadioShack is a dinosaur, and with the Internet revolution they just never have found a way to re-invent themselves
  12. ellis36

    ellis36 Well-Known Member Supporter

    MCM is my go-to source. It's in my hands three days max with UPS. Radio Shack has been my #1 absolutely despised store for 30 years or more. Not only do they sell expensive junk but you have to put up with the most arrogant, pushy, ignorant sales clerks ever.
  13. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    Not surprising. If you actually find what you need at Radio Shack, you will very likely pay too much for it. Kind of odd too, I thought that most cordless phones used fairly common batteries.
    IMHO, Radio Shack's only real use is supplying oddball batteries & components that you need today and for which you're willing to pay a large premium for that bit of convenience. If they can't do that any more, they might as well pull up stakes & head out.
  14. Vikingdad

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    Not too long ago on a HAM radio forum Radio Shack was reaching out to all of the HAMs asking how they could improve their stores. :confused: Seriously? Ask a bunch of amateur radio nuts how to improve a store that was freaking founded by and for amateur radio nuts? Without exception everybody was screaming at them to go back to their base and start carrying amateur radio stuff and do the cell phone thing as a sideline. Many even said they would be interested in working there if they moved in that direction (me included). Apparently nothing came of it. Nothing changed.

    On the other hand there is a huge electronics store that was first opened in the '80's and has become a serious electronics powerhouse in the western US, Frys Electronics is like a Bass Pro or Cabella's for electronics. It is freaking enormous. But they don't carry HAM radio stuff. There is one caveat though, they employ something like 80% immigrants who don't freaking speak English very well.

  15. astroman

    astroman Supporting Member Supporter

    LOL @ Radio Crap! They do suck. I gave up on them years ago - they really dont have ANYTHING anyone needs. I buy all my stuff online these days for much better prices.
  16. Daoust_Nat

    Daoust_Nat Well-Known Member Supporter

    I recently got a new HD TV from the company I work for as a gift for a 40 year anniversry. Nice 43" TV, but it had no cable with it for hook up to the HD box.

    So I went three miles to the nearest Radio Shack to buy one. simple transaction you might think. However, since I had no bleeping interest in a new cell phone and contract the clerk had no interest in telling me where the cable was. Since I had no interest in walking the store to find it, I left and went to Wal Mart.

    It was another six miles, but at least the cable was easily located, and since I could also pick up some 9 mm ammo, it was a good trip.
  17. WebleyFosbery38

    WebleyFosbery38 New Member

    As a kid, I could wander in Rat Shack for an hour and not get bored, not bad for a tiny store. Got my 1st 101 projects kit from them and that likely set me on the path to the career I have had for 28 years. They suck so bad now, Ive got more raw electronics parts in my junk room than they do in their whole store.

    Truth is, were probably as much to blame as they are for not inspiring new Bells and Edisons to be fostered in this country. Some how my mom saw past the inherent dangers of her 9 Year old son ripping apart and playing with old tube sets and such and I learned so much from trial and error that I never would have had I waited for formal training. By the time I was 12, I was learning stuff that was being taught at a Freshman College Electronic Service Tech program (yes, I did have my share of oops, ouchies and there goes another fuse in the basement but they were well worth it)!

    Saddest part about the whole deal is the loss of knowledge and interest has left us in the USA high and dry as innovators and over burden with mindless consumers that cant even set the clock on their stove without a Bluetooth auto update function. Some of this has come from our schools, instead of teaching how the keyboard works, the learn us to type on it quicker, cant teach technicals as general studies anymore but we can universally require Sex Education, we will spend lots of money to teach them to play Baseball, Soccer and Golf (Which stats show will not be a possible career for 99%) and dont teach them how to fix their toilet, change a light fixture or a leaky faucet, (something nearly everyone will be confronted by).

    Our kids have more gizmos in their pockets than their Grandparents had in their homes yet few know anything about them except how to update them with someone elses software or toss them out cause they are broken. No more kids hanging out in TV repair shops, no more TV Repair shops to even hang out in...
  18. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    WF, I agree. When I was a kid I remember the TV repair man coming to the house to fix our TV. Now, when a TV breaks, we just buy a new one. When my kids were little, I'd always give them the odd radio/toaster/hairdryer that doesn't work anymore and let them take it apart. Sometimes they could get it working again, sometimes not.

    As for Radio Schack, I don't like their products but years ago I bought a Panasonic landline/cordless phone from some electronics store. I would guess the phone is at least 10 years old now. The battery was not charging right anymore and I missed my land phone. I took the battery out of it to take to WalMart to compare and buy a new one. I couldn't find the right battery for my phone but Radio Schack had it. But I won't go back in there again until I need another item that I can't find anywhere else.