Pine Canyon tragedy: a MUST READ

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    Wow! I was only recently made aware of this case, which illustrates the awesome responsibility of concealed carry. Everyone who carries a gun should make themselves aware of what they may experience after the decision is made to pull the trigger. It gives me pause, because my "stats" are almost identical to the shooter, and I wonder how I would have reacted to the same scenario. Please check out: . And for an excellent synopsis of what occured: of evidence
    Additional information can be had by Googling "Pine Canyon tragedy" or "Grant Kuenzli."
    I apologize in advance if this topic was already discussed, but I could not find it during a search of this site.
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    One must be aware the repercussions but still the important thing is to survive .It's got to be a tuff call,live and let live with all the crazies out there.
    Hope I never have to make that call. The biggest problem,I'm getting older and don't run like I used to..!

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    Don't ever try to get out of jury duty. One knowledable and reational supporter that understands why he was using hollow-point man killers could have made the difference. It only takes one.