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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by NGIB, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I've been eagerly awaiting today for some time. Tonight the Springer long slide gets its first test as my new pin gun. I'm hoping the extra inch in barrel length adds a little extra "punch" to move the pins with more authority. The top half-dozen of the shooters are all extremely close in skill level so we are all on the lookout for anything that can give us an edge in these events.

    As my backup (the Springer is brand new and really untested), I'm bringing along my trusty Kimber Gold Match - which has been my pin gun for 2 years. I'm also bringing my Para P16 .40 S&W as I want to see how it does. I'm thinking 180 gr Speer Lawman out of a 5 inch barrel will actually be pretty effective. The nice thing about the Para is I'll have 16 rounds to clear a table - so no reloads for sure. The one time I shot a .40 was with a Sig 229 and I finished 3rd so it was pretty good from a 4 inch gun.

    It's amazing what we'll do just for bragging rights as that's basically what we shoot for as the prize money for 1st place just covers the entry fee + ammo. I've never finished less than 3rd and I've won my share so I hope my streak continues...

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    Good luck shooting the Springer tonight, ya ol fart! :D