Pietta 1860 army 36

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    My Pietta will no longer cock. The hammer will not stay back when cocked most of the time. Sometimes it works, most of the time it don't. When it does stay back, the trigger is now a hair trigger. I have burned myself twice because the pistol has fired before I was ready.

    Any ideas short of a $$ gunsmith? This very fun, and very accurate pistol cost me $100. a few years ago.

    It is/was as accurate as my 686 smith at 25 yards.
  2. BillM

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    When is the last time you had it apart to clean it? All the way apart--
    every little piece? It's probably crud, possible a broken spring or
    chipped trigger/hammer. Single action lockwork is SIMPLE, you should
    be able to figure out the problem without a gunsmith. Fixing it is a
    different matter--kind of depends on what the problem actually is,
    and how handy you are at fixing stuff. I'm still betting on crud of
    some sort--caked grunge or a bit of a percussion cap in the works.

    BTW--a 1860 Army should be a 44. You sure it isn't a 61 Navy? They
    were 36.