Pics Of Your Big & Small Guns For Comparison

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    My big gun, is a, DPMS LR-308 Panther, sometimes called an AR10 (my forum name)

    As fun to shoot as my other ARs only bigger. My local indoor range has invited me to bring something else next time, not because it was too destructive, it was too loud! I will bring my 10mm next time. Lol.

    The small gun, would almost go unnoticed in the one photo. It is a fully compliant pen pistol. Most pen pistols are class 3 weapons needing a tax stamp and Gods approval to get one. This one, will only fire, when opened, bent into a gun shape, exposing the trigger.

    Made by American Derrenger in Waco Texas. The feds very much dislike anyone making this design, for obvious reasons, and will bully any gun maker into stopping the production. Three gun makers have made them, for a very short time. 100% stainless. Mine is in .25 cal. Ordered a. 22 cal, but did not complain when they sent the wrong one, because they were so hard to get.

    I ordered one when they were first introduced, and waited two years. In two years, I called them to see what the timeline was, and the secretary said they were no longer taking orders for them, and we're no longer making them.

    I told her I ordered one two years ago, and she seemed startled. She left the phone, came back, and said I was the sixth person on the list, and her boss instructed her to mail me one that day. In a couple days it showed up at my door.

    In two weeks, I get a form letter saying the gun was being voluntarily recalled and needed to be returned for an inspection and possible decommissioning. I filed that letter in the circular file.

    Rare? Yep. For sale? Nope.


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    That's one hell of a concealed carry gun.