Picked up an Aimpoint today

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by bluez, Jun 28, 2013.

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    As many of you know I am not a partisan in the Eotech vs Aimpoint saga.

    So for what whats it's worth I just pickedup an Aimpoint Pro at my LGS.
    That brings me up to 2 EOTechs (albeit one of which is 13 years old (!) on my AA 50 Beowulf) and 2 Aimpoint Pro's.

    The LGS had it on sale cheaper than online fopr $365!!!
    (and i like to support Brick and Mortar stores because we NEED them)

    I am trying to decide where the extra Aimpoint will go:
    - On my Adams Arms melonited Piston AR in 5.45mm that I was hoping to make a training gun due to cheap ammo? it would be good on it since i want to train-as-you-fight and if this iwll be my training gun...
    - Or my Sig516 which currently only wears Irons and after the principle of the better optics to the better gun it should go on the Sig instead of the Adams Arms.