Physical Preparedness?

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  1. Ploofy

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    How prepared are you guys physically for when the SHTF? Like, how many miles do you think you should be able to run, and what about push/pull-ups? And anybody know a more specific training routine than just getting out and running and stuff?
  2. colmustard

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    I am decently prepared but working on it more. I broke my back a year and a half ago but before that i could do 70 push ups in a min. and 60 situps in a min and run a mile and a half in 12min. Now since the incidint i can still do the pushups but the sit ups kill my back so those are out and the runing has gotten worse. But the mind is the ultimate tool. ;)

  3. FT360

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    I’m a wimp right now as far as upper body strength, but I can walk and run a long ways though.
  4. gatopardo

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    goodness gracious

    I try to be in shape constantly, weights, run walk, the works plus a good diet.

    Having stated that, is very difficult unless your job is to be an Olympian or such. In any case if the strees is enough after the first blow you can alays count with a hormonal surge which will push you through what ever comes after.

    A good habit is to constantly collect things I find around which could help, mainly camping equipment, small stoves, first aid kits blankets, a food cache, defensive weapons for various uses, and common caliber different weapons.

    For example various weapons with a common 9mm ammo type is essential IMO like pistols and carbines.

    Before I go, a real good idea is to apply phosphorescent self adhesive material to flashlights, fire extinguishers etc. the less you have to "think" or "remember" where everything is , the better.
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  5. Theunsb

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    Training makes sense but remember you will carry firearms, ammo, food, water for how many days' survival? Do you have a healthly family of strong enough members that can carry their own?
    What about sleeping arrangements and weather/season conditions.
    What do you see as SHTF and how long warning do you think you will have to evacuate or to fort up?
    Training is essential but planning critical I think.
  6. Ruger44

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    For a 54 yr old I'm in pretty good shape. As long as I got some fuel, my 4 wheeler can get me long distances. As long as I got my glasses, I'm still a pretty fair shot. As long as there are some younger folks around, any backbreaking work can get done. As long as the viagra holds out, I can keep the wife happy. Other than that I'm toast! Any other questions?
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  7. Datam

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    I never run, you are either running to something,or from something, neither of which is a good thing. Old age has it's advantages, we won't have to survive long, and we have experienced most of the good things in life, prior to their loss.
  8. c3shooter

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    We have discussed this before. My plan is to be the old man of the mountains that knows how to do anything, and will have young, physically fit men fighting over who's camp I get to live in. :p
  9. Dzscubie

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    Nope, ain't gonna do it... if God wanted me to run he would'nt have given me a gun so go ahead and run a**hole... die tired. Running is for those people who can't hit their target. :cool:



    Life has shown me?

    Hello all, RON L here - SERE SURPLUS

    Well I just celebrated my 53 Birthday, and Life has given us a lot to deal with, My Van broke down, so I was forced to Walk as our Bus system here is unreliable and not to be counted upon, I waled a lot to the store and back and I now have a Mountain bike but it did make me re-evaluate what I am now able to do, Vice what I could 10 years ago? I have carried a Heavy bag of food items on my back and all and on the bike, makes ya think? Makes the need for Cache's of items more important and the need for Other means of transporation a necessity? I now have a small car and I drive most places, but I do still need and use the Bike, I plan to add a 4 Wheeler or Trail Bike like 125CC for other means, just makes good sence? BUT, that said, the need to be able to do more Physically is STILL MOST IMPORTANT! Not talking about Running, just simple Moving along! Something to consider all, and those of you that aree getting older, as myself, we need to remember we are not who we once were?

  11. urious

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    Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness

    Dont need to go overboard, check out some of the exercise demos and use your imagination. Do your work outs around their 3 fundamentals, Functional Movements (use it or lose it), High Intensity (no rest in between) & Constantly Changing. 10Burpees, 20situps, 20 pushups, 5 pullups as many reps as possible in 10mins (FAST). Do it twice a day if you want and wear your pack or bodyarmor when you are ready for the added weight. Run 5km as fast as you can once a week. Train 2days/1 rest then build to 3days when you feel ready (1:1 could be considered maintanence, 2:1 is slight improvement, 3:1 is good. Rinse and Repeat. There's no shortcut, condition your body (and feet) to get used to carrying weight... Hike/pack march for 6-8hrs, 2-twice a month, resting for 10mins/hr. Carry a 5kg weighted bar if u cant use your rifle. hope it helps.
  12. Scratchammo

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    My Navy seabag is a beeeoootch to carry fully loaded, if I'm carrying my gear on foot then somebody will have to share the load.
  13. orangello

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    A firearm could be useful for influencing an assistant load bearer. ;)
  14. Scratchammo

    Scratchammo New Member

    Which is why my G.I. goes with me ;)