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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by JTJ, May 18, 2014.

  1. JTJ

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    At 3:20 AM I got call on my cell phone with a recording stating my credit card had been locked and if I wanted to reactivate I should enter my credit card number. NO WAY! It looks like the caller is trying to get to you while you are groggy and pick up your card number. The number was hidden but came out of the 847 area code which is Illinois. I did not appreciate being woken up and then having to call the credit card people to find out what is going on. :mad:
  2. winds-of-change

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    847 is in the Chicago suburbs. North and Northwest, to be exact.

  3. dango

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    Desperate times tend to bring the worst out in too many . It's bad that trust has become such an important issue , but it has ! :mad:
  4. donthav1

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    for the last week or so the wife has gotten a few calls from a restricted number, the voice on the other end is always some sort of foreign accent. the first call was something along the lines of "your computer is infected with mal-ware, please type in these commands & go to this website & we will fix it for you." yeah right. another was some sort of class action law suit & she could be entitled to a share of the settlement. "if you give us your bank account, we will direct deposit the money when the case is settled." sure you will.

    if it isn't a number I recognize or comes up restricted, I don't answer it, plain & simple. if it's important or legitimate they will leave a voicemail
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    I was getting calls from a 5 digit number about twice a day. Wouldn't answer until I got pissed one day. The foreign guy said there was something wrong with my mortgage. I told him to shove it cause I'm too poor to have a mortgage, I rent. He almost immediately hung up the phone. Haven't been called since.

    Looked up the number online. It's apparently from Lebanon.

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  6. winds-of-change

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    I don't answer my phone if the number is restricted or unidentified caller.
  7. DrFootball

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    i don't either. I have had this # for 5+ Years. The Person who had the # before me is a deadbeat who didn't pay her bills, and must have a Daughter with Several Boyfriends. I kept getting calls from all of them until One Day I answered the Phone and the Kid Said "Where The *&^% are You?!?!?!?!" and I said " She's Still On the Corner, she will call you when she's finished. There is a line halfway down the street.." And that was the LAST TIME HE CALLED. Another time, after I had the # about 3 years, the Woman's "Sister" called looking for her. I told her " when you find her tell her she's not getting her phone back until she pays me what she owes Me!!"

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    I like the one idea that when you get a "unknown" or "restricted" number, answer and whisper, "OK, it's done, but there is blood everywhere", and hang up.