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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by danf_fl, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    I got an e-mail from supposedly "DHL" with notification of a shipment coming in.
    I looked at the full header of the message and it was sent from "medexapache", and the reference tracking number was not of the format used by DHL nor found in their database.

    Two days later, I got another e-mail with a different tracking number.

    Both messages had links imbedded.

    A note said that if the links do not open, copy the link to my inbox.

    (I do not use an e-mail program that puts messages directly on my computer.)

    Just a heads up.
  2. steve666

    steve666 New Member

    I got the same one. It was caught by my spam filter and I deleted it unopened since I wasn't expecting any packages, especially via DHL.

  3. NC1760

    NC1760 New Member

    "Trojan Horse" virus....

    We were getting these emails at work a month ago claiming UPS tracking... and they were embedded too.
    You did the correct thing. Copy the tracking number(s) and then go directly to the alleged company website... If the tracking number is bogus it will show up as such there. Whatever you do, DO NOT open any links in the emails!!

    BTW... UPS tracking numbers start with a "1Z" prefix. THAT was our first clue that this was a Trojan horse!!
  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    From DHL website-

    DHL United States | About Us | New Virus Message
    A message to our customers about a spam message and new virus
    Please be advised that if you received an email suggesting that DHL is attempting to deliver a package, requesting that you open the email attachment in order to affect delivery, this email is fraudulent, the attachment is a computer virus, and the package does not exist.

    Please do not open the attachment. This virus does not originate from DHL. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Fraud Alert
    Please read our
  5. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    They're doing the same thing with Fedex. I reported one to the Fedex folks and haven't been bothered by the idiots since.

    I dunno what Fedex did, but they solved the problem for me.
  6. notdku

    notdku Administrator Staff Member

    I'm getting a lot of scams myself. You guys be careful.
  7. NC1760

    NC1760 New Member


    Got it this morning !!! The tracking number didn't pan out.... sooooooo... "Spammed" it in my email account, blocked the sender and forwarded a copy to the "official" DHL fraud department. Can't do more than that.... ;)
  8. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    I once sent via UPS some books my brother had requested. He had not received them as he should have in the allotted time given. So when seeing UPS and their official logo stating that item could not be delivered. I clicked onto the link and immediately saw that I had opened a Trojan Horse. Needless to say, I immediately cleaned the computer stripping it of every file I had. Then I installed a reputable security software afterward. I learned my lesson never to trust what I thought was in good and timely stead. :mad:
  9. rhyno13

    rhyno13 New Member

    I never open email from anyone that I don't know. If I ordered something from a company, I use their tracking information that is included from their website. I never trust unsolicited email as safe.
  10. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    LOL!!! You guys are suckers! I just sent the king of Nigeria $2,000 for shipping, so he could send me 3,500 lbs of solid gold, in bars.
    You really need to read your emails.
    Early bird gets the worm I guess.

    I quit my job today, and maxed out all my credit cards buying stuff for my island I'm checking out in the Caribbean.
    I'll pay them off when the gold arrives.

    Yup, smooth sailing from here!
  11. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    if i get a tracking number from a shipping company, i write the number down on a peice of paper, open up another window and go directly to the shipping companies website and enter the tracking number. if it's legit, it will show up on their website.

    usually most companies i deal with when ordering parts and such, send me a tracking number and the shipper used themselves. so anything else would cause me to be suspicious.
  12. Dearhunter

    Dearhunter Supporting Member Supporter

    I opened one of these links a while back, but I use ESET NOD32 ANTI VIRUS and it dropped the hammer on the email and its contents instantly. It identified the type virus and removed it. All I had to do was reboot. I have not had a virus get into my computer in 8 years since I started using ESET.