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PF-9's 1st trip to the range

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I ordered a Kel-Tec PF-9 back in February at one of our local gun shops and it FINALLY arrived last week. With tax and an extra magazine, it set me back $363. Since I got a chance to take it to the gun range yesterday, I thought I'd post the results of the trip and my impressions of the gun.

First, this gun is essentially a P-11 that went on a diet. It's the overall size and is the same internally, only slightly thinner since it's a single stack pistol vs. double stack for the P-11. Actually, in a side by side comparison with my Bersa 380CC, they are almost identical in size and weight. The PF-9's fit and finish seem to be better than my P-3AT or the P-11's I've handled and the trigger is very smooth... a BIG surprise. I can't actually measure the trigger weight, but an educated guess would be 6-7 pounds with an even pull, clean break and almost no noticeable stacking. My gun is a newer model PF-9 with the modified (redesigned) barrel/feed ramp. Earlier guns used the P-11 barrel and there were many reported feed problems, especially with hollow point ammunition. The new feed ramp is longer and extends below the lip of the magazine. My only complaint on first cleaning the gun and getting a "feel" for it is the mag release button is very low profile and it takes some effort to engage. In a stress situation, it could cause a delay during magazine removal/reload or may not; it's hard to say at this point. Maybe the button will loosen up with more use, like the safety lever on many Bersa 380's.

As for the trip to the range, there were actually few surprises. The first few shots were a bit low and to the left of center a few inches at 15'. After a minor adjustment to the rear sight (and covering the target with the front sight) I was able to keep my shots consistently in the black, 3" center. I fired 100 rounds of CCI and WWB FMJ and there were no ammo related problems. The gun functioned well and accuracy was more than adequate, especially for a close range self-defense pistol. That being said, this is definitely not a range gun or target pistol. Its small size and weight also make it a pain (literally) to shoot after more than a magazine or two has been shot from the gun. While the pistol was not difficult to control, even wearing a shooters glove my hand became tired from the pounding by the time I'd fired the 100 rounds I took to the range. I predict this will become one of those guns most people will carry a lot but fire just enough to keep proficient. I fired single, aimed shots, double taps, full mags as fast as I could pull the trigger and all fired without a hitch except for one shot. I believe I didn't fully release the trigger so it could reset since it fired on the second pull. After I got home and broke the gun down, there was no obvious wear and after a good cleaning, it would be hard to tell the gun had ever been fired. I'll take it out to the range again next week and fire another 100 or so rounds through the gun. If it performs the same as it did yesterday, this little pistol will be a definate keeper!

My overall impression is this is going to be a big seller for people who want the most bang they can get in the smallest, most reasonably priced package they can find. For those of you who want a gun the size of a Bersa 380/Walther PPK that fires 9mm vs. 380, the PF-9 would be an obvious alternative.

If you want the power of a 9mm in a package the size of most 380's, K-T's PF-9 may just may up your alley.
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I pretty much agree with your findings. I recently purchased a new Kel-Tec PF9. I strongly dislike the long trigger pull as on other Kel-Tec models - but it has a strong safety system with this long traveling trigger. I will agree that it is not a fun shooting gun - not compared to my Glock. But I have not had one failure - 100 rounds and all is working great. Recoil not too bad. The biggest plus is the concealability factor - drop it in a pocket holster and take it anywhere - fully loaded 7+1 9mm it weighs in just over 1 pound - not too many sub compacts can compete with that weight + lifetime warranty - I don't know how you could go wrong for $299 +/- depending what area of purchase. I loaded mine up with +P Pow'r Ball ammo. jmo
Keltec does NOT recommend firing +p ammo. I had feed problems with some winchester +p ammo and they firmly stated that this gun is not built for that ammo. If the find out you are using it and have a failure, you have no warrenty.
The PF-9 looks funny, feels cheap, and isn't too much fun to shoot. But I love that gun. For $300 you can have a super reliable and lightweight 9mm that can be carried in any attire. Great 'value' gun for sure, with outstanding capacity (7+1) given its size and weight.

And by all acounts Kel-Tec's customer service is also outstanding. I like that they sell factory-direct accessories for all their firearms, and at very reasonable prices. That's a refreshing step in the right direction.
I also agree with the entire assessment.

I was able to shoot the S&W body guard in 380 the same day i took my new PF-9 to the range and HATED the grainy trigger and i feel the PF-9 had the same amount of recoil.

The PF-9 for $389 + tax was steal compared to the Bodyguard when compared side by side.

This little rig was purchased for the wife to carry back in May. But it has found a home in my back pocket. The recoil is a bit stiff for the wife and doesnt cycle reliably in her hands. I have yet to have an issue with it.
Just recently picked up a PF-9 after shooting a buddies. I'm not one for buying "cheap" guns, but I gotta tell ya, I really like this gun. Inexpensive, thin, light and it works! The finish is something to be desired, but I've noticed a big overall improvement in quality over the earlier model Keltecs. The gun is reliable and respectably accurate, but it's not a range gun. Recoil isn't too bad, but it is "frisky". Don't think it was made to be shot alot. It is however, a great carry piece. One heck of a deal for $259!
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