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Its called the SECOND AMENDMENT! If the federal government wants to recall firearms, it will involve repealing the Second Amendment.

That is, IF they want to do it the right way (provisionally speaking, in the Constitution). But, dont count on it. It has never stopped the excessive spread of federal government into private citizens lives and the trampling of rights that has ensued.

The Federal Government doesnt care about us and if that isnt obvious by now then there may be even less hope for America than I dared believe. The change comes when the government no longer works for the people but the other way around. That is the reality. Its not how much taxation you allow the government to enact (through elected representatives), its how much of your (their?) money they are willing to let you keep.

Once a mans labor is treated as such, all else is sure to follow.

Government = force. Ours is looking for a supposed monopoly on said force. Not only that but a forced dependence on government force by creating a false need (no more civilian firearms means we have to go to government and request use of force, remeber the monopoly).

Sorry, yea, sign any ol' damned petition. Dont count on getting your representation though (still waiting to hear back on Texas leaving the Union :p)
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