Peters stahl 10mm auto - some info please

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  1. markvg

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    I own this kannon and i want te sell it. Here in Holland there isn't a real market for it, i am thinking of shipping it to the USA.
    Has anyone ever imported a gun from europe? How about rules and regulation?
    What's should be the price of this gun?

    Its a real beauty, love te shoot it but i love shooting clay pigeons even more. Have seen a really nice FN Browning B25, unfortunatley i need to sell one gun before i can buy this due to dutch regulations.

    Thanks already!

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  2. danf_fl

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    How much are you asking for it?
    There are import rules. Clearance would have to be obtained from the BATF before shipping.

    I have brought firearms from Europe and the process time for the paperwork could go over 2 months.

  3. robocop10mm

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    The Peters/Stahl is basically a 1911 frame design with a unique extractor system. Springfield Armory imported and marketed them as the Omega. Parts are practically non-existant
  4. LakeshoreShooter

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    Omega 10....

    I have owned both of the Springfield's Omega's. I bought the 5" in '97 at a gun show and put 2000 rounds through it. The 6" I bought on a whim. Didn't get to shoot the 6" much, but the 5" was a great gun. I traded both of them for a couple high end AR's from a neighbor. I know they have had problems with other folk, but mine were perfect. Wouldn't have sold them if the deal hadn't been so tasty.

    Good luck with your sale! It's a fine looking pistol.