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    Tardiness! In today's world where literally everyone has a watch or a phone, there is no excuse for being late! I sometimes have to deal with contractors at work and we set times to meet at various locations to discuss the jobs at hand. In the past 5+ years, I can count on them to be at least 20/30 minutes late and some far more.

    This is an issue that drives me over the edge because I'm never late! If I'm running more than 5 minutes (very seldom) I give them a call. In today's world, it's often an hour plus and they expect I'm going to be there waiting! If they keep me waiting for more than 20 minutes without a call their bid never sees the light of day!

    You might as well tell me to my face how much more your time is worth than mine!!!!!!

    Ok, rant off so how was your day?
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  2. RKB

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    About the same!
    22 years in the military taught me that 'if you are on time, you are LATE'. Punishable event. To this day, if I make an appointment, I'm there at least 10-15 minutes early. Conversely, if I have a contractor/salesman/estimator/etc scheduled to be at my place, he has five minutes after the appointed time to either show up, or call me with an explanation. Failing that, he loses the job. No exceptions.
    I understand that things come up, you may have reasons not to be on time - but everyone on this sorry planet has a cell phone. Take a few seconds and call if you expect to do business with me.
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  3. dwmiller

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    Senior management at Honda here. Contractors who were more than an hour late never got past the outer secretary, with 14-18 hours a day on call I didn't have time to deal with it. You could call and reschedule, before you were supposed to be there, or just be on time. You want my company to pay you money, you deal with my rules.

    I took a page from Japanese management and if you were late [less than an hour], you followed me around through the plant and could make your pitch on the run. I didn't stop what I was doing to cater to them. If you couldn't keep up with a hyper OCD manager who multitasks you were out of luck. Most of the problem children were union shops that I really didn't want to deal with anyway. My corporate always backed me up on these decisions...

    I had a couple blow up at this treatment. Early, before the stories circulated through the supply chain. They were escorted off the property by security and my secretary made the call to their corporate, as they were leaving, that we would not be using their services. And why the decision was made. No sense making them wait on bad news.
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  4. Daoust_Nat

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    I agree with you guys. In over 30 years of work in Supply Management when I put a bid out it had a due date. Miss it and your bid was returned unopened. Now I understand few suppliers had the number of people working we did. If you were running late, call me. If I could spare the extra time, I gave it to all bidders. If not, I told them I could not.

    It was amazing how few bidders ever took that seriously until they lost a couple. Some would whine to my management bug that fell mostly on deaf ears. Though it did cause a few battles.

    Be on time or call!
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  5. Dakota1

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    My ex wife constantly was late to work. Luckily, she worked for the City, so it wasn't simple to fire her. I could never figure out why she was always late - especially when she'd get up at 5am to get to work at 8am & her work was only 3 miles away. It seemed intentional.
    After our divorce, I was at a friend's birthday party & there was a psychologist there. I asked her why someone with a perfect job would always be late. Interesting answer: "Attention. She knows that if her co-workers are already there when she walks in, everyone will look to see who's coming in the door."
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  6. EclecticShooter

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    People not caring about being tardy blew me away when I entered the work force. I was just talking to my brother about this as he's been working a couple of years now, after high school. We're both at least 15 minutes early to everything. Our Dad drove that home to us as kids.
    The general sorriness of people my age is astounding. I've been shocked by the other students in my online college classes. We had 10 DAYS to post an essay we had written recently and do peer review. Only ONE other person in our group of FIVE did and he did it an hour and a half before the deadline that night. I reviewed his and wrote a comprehensive review of it and he never did mine. Now I'm three days in another ten day peer review assignment and nobody is participating. Not feeling too optimistic.
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  7. Ghost1958

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    Fish that refuse to bite perfectly good bait.
  8. F4U

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    A little contrary view here I am not a contractor, I am a truck driver. I am early for everything in my personal life, before and after my marriage, not so much during, particuliarly to things we both went to.

    My pet peeve is getting my load in the morning and having an appointment for 15 minutes before I even leave the terminal. The office girls make a guess based on the dock guys unrealistic idea of when i will be loaded, and I am the guy getting yelled at by the customer. Sometimes I don't even know there is an appointment, communication sucks at the company I work for.
  9. Ghost1958

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    The 2 things I learned in a 22 yr trucking career is the load gets there when it gets there. Dispatcher screw-ups are their fault not the drivers and the only customer that yelled at me went silent quick.
    2. There is ALWAYS another company drooling to hire drivers and and O.Os.
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  10. c3shooter

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    I used to have a pet peeve, but the pizza delivery guy left the gate open, and it got out.

    My motto on promptness- I don't care if you are Superman- if you are not here when you are supposed to be, you are useless. At one time I trained presenters. A key element was arriving EARLY- so that when you found there was no extension cord for the projector, the white board markers were dried out, etc- you had TIME to fix that BEFORE your audience arrived.

    If everything was perfect, you had time for a casual cup of coffee, and make a relaxed greeting to your audience as THEY arrived.
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  11. TimKS

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    I heard more than once, "If you're early, you're on time.....if you are late, you are left." (as in we're not waiting)
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  12. Nod

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    People that can't shut the ******* phone off at lunch or dinner ! It's time to eat, not talk on the phone. One restaurant we were at , a guy laid 3 phones on the table and kept answering them as he ate. Nobody, nobody is that important. When I go to lunch with someone, I say "If your phone rings, I'm gone".
  13. JimRau

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    Mine is seeing ALL those who put their loyalty to their POLITICAL PARTY ahead of their loyalty to OUR COUNTRY!:(
  14. microadventure

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    43 years in DoD research facilities. 43 years of Type A personalities. at X:00:00 every watch in the building beeped simultaneously. asking "is that clock right?" got you 32 hateful staredowns. "did you finish...?" well, you saw me start it, and I'm not busy now, so obviously I'm finished.

    moved to New Mexico. "manana does not mean tomorrow. manana means not today" anybody you ask is capable of doing any task you ask about, but nothing gets done.

    a guy I knew painted something with a two part paint, you mix this with that and spray.. in his mind, that made him a "chimicial ingineer" spot a college student reading organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and calculus textbooks. what's your major, Joe? Chemical engineer

    they are utterly unashamed of their stupendous laziness and abject absence of ability or industriousness
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  15. Dakota1

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    LOL. I had a similar experience with a first date. She answered her phone three times & chatted for several minutes during dinner. I would understand if she had a sick relative or friend, but I could tell it was just casual conversation. When I didn't call her for a second date, she called me & asked, "What's wrong...I thought we were doing great." I said, "I don't like rude, inconsiderate people & you're rude & inconsiderate, chatting on your phone during our first date." She said "You're unreasonable." I said, "You're stupid."
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  16. Maser

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    My peeve is simple. SJWs.
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  17. SRK97

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    Nothing bothers me, except......
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  18. IowaShooter

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    Or so called labels... I've cleaned cosmoline off guns that came off easier than the residue from these Savage labels! (From new rifle) Ticked me off :(

    I'm to the point when I buy a hat or clothes I tell the checkout person I'll buy it if and only if they peel off the adhesive label and it leaves no residue (suprising how may hats have labels that leave residue)

  19. dango

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    It's good to be the King .......:p
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    Well now that im on the juice let me tell ya, I live right next door to a barbeque joint called Bonnie blue, close enough that Google thinks I'm there when I'm in my apartment. Google constantly sends me messages asking me to review the place(cuz they think I'm there). I clicked on it one day just to see what everyone else thought of the place. I think it's good but too expensive for a bourgeois like me. I found this review.... Screenshot_20180917-174846.jpeg
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