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    Guy comes into baskin robbins with a bb pistol makes everyone get down or something then this guy shoots him in the hand so he runs away then the guy follows him out the door still shooting and shoots him in the back how does this relate to gun laws

    Here is the article:

    Still No Charges In Baskin-Robbins Shooting Case
    It could be another month before we know if a local ice cream shop manager will face charges for shooting and killing a robber. Richmond's Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Matthew Geary tells CBS 6 news that his office plans on sending the case against David Fielding to a grand jury on November 5th. Prosecutors are seeking an indictment against Fielding for felony reckless discharge of a gun. The 21-year old shot and killed Jerome Davis during a robbery at the Baskin-Robbins on Forest Hill Avenue last month. Investigators say eight of the eleven shots fired came after Davis was outside the store and running away.
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    Shooter was good until he chased the guy out the door. As soon as the shooter gave chase he became the agressor and was no longer defending anything or anybody.
    Most instances of self defense go before a grand jury. If the grand jury acquits them then there is no more criminal action against them. IANAL

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    ...entry wounds in the back do NOT further ones claim of self-defense. Bad shoot. I think the shooter will go to jail.
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    I agree with the above statements...His first 3 shots should have been better. However, if it goes to trial, in one sense killing him is somewhat better in the eyes of a jury then the perp coming down the aisle in a wheelchair.