Perhaps I should move to Maine

Discussion in 'Maine Gun Forum' started by mountainman13, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. CapnJack

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    +1 to Maine and New England. Thats a pretty ballsy proposal, I like it. Makes me proud to be born and (in)bred in Maine:D

    Ya you can bet your sweet a$$ that every other household here has some kinda fire arm kickin around there house an thats the way we like it.

    Mainers will invite you into their home feed you there last lobster tail to eat,and give you the flannel off there back,but if our familys or surrounding familys are threatened?,you better hope God himself just happenes to be driving his 4x4 bouncing down the dirt road ready to save ur hide.

  2. burbs

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    Amen to that last part were nice folks but we don't mind kicking ass if we have to
  3. Pasquanel

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    So what exactly keeps you in that commie State? Having lived in NH/Me all my life and periodically working in MA I cannot imagine ever living there! In my personal opinion "We the People" should have hired a fleet of D-9's started at Worcester and just pushed the whole mess into Boston Harbor and started over again. With love of course;)
  4. goldngun

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    You bet your friendly but will not be threatened ass...)