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Hello Dudly


As the Previous poster said, Dixie Gun works carries them, as well cabella's used too, not sure if they still do? You can Google Black Powder Revolvers to get a list? Unlike MOE, though I no longer own any, the pepperbox, while a strange gun even in the kits is not JUNK! Not sure where he got that from? Assembled corerectly and with all cautions they are a hoot to shoot and will be many a fun afternoon, Conventional Colt and Remington Copies are far better shooters, but fear not, if you do your ob, these will do [email protected]

In the end, you have to be careful what ya get and how you use them but go ahead and try it, we are not talking about Hundreds of Dollars and a lot of [email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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