Pepper Spray Types

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    I was wondering what are your experiences with the various types of pepper sprays, I know there is pepper spray, mace, pepper spray mixed with mace, and then pepper spray mixed with mace and tear gas. I am not sure if the mixture of all three is for law enforcement or not. Any information is appreciated.
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    Mace is banned in Canada so they changed to pepper spray. Body guard is probably the strongest and best on the market. It uses capsium extract in an oil suspension so that it sticks real good and will knock the wind right out of you. Not to mention burn like hell.
    They come in a foger and stream discharge with the foger you realy have to pay attention to the wind direction.

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    Pepper spray

    OC (oleoresin capsicum) is a derivative of hot peppers. Be careful of false advertising. Some claim 1-2 million SHU's (scoville heat units). That is total BS almost all have 50-55,000 SHU's. The 1-2 million number comes from the base product. 2 million SHU base product in a 5% mixture is still 50,000 in the can. The real difference is the carrier. Oil based carriers tend to stick and stay stuck. Very hard to decontaminate. Water based carriers tend to soak in and work faster but are easier to decontaminate. Most LE agencies choose water based carriers because we need fast acting results and we must be concerned with decontamination. Some use harmful chemicals, non food grade OC and flammable propellants. I know you do not care if the perp gets harmful chemicals in the eyes but it will be in the air and you, too, will be exposed to it.

    OC works faster than CN or CS gas. If you are being attacked you want it to work NOW not 1-2 minutes from now.
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    New product from Kimber: fires 2 shots of OC in GEL form, driven at 90 mph by pyrotechnic charges (won't lose pressure). Range is 13 feet and will defeat glasses and penetrate fabric. Runs about $40. I want one...
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