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  1. Megaton

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    Brownie and I were attempting to get some range time in today but were forced to leave because of people. I fail to understand how people can be so stupid.

    At the first spot we were at a group of 8-10 kids pull up and start letting off AK rounds about 50 yards down the road from us, shooting at a backstop that is not pointed directly at us, but enough that it made me uncomfortable. It kills me that people would do this when there are so many suitable and safe spots to shoot. To ice the cake, the backstop they were shooting at was at most 30 yards from where they were shooting from. They went through one 30 rounds clip rapid fire aiming at nothing in particular and we got out of there before we became victims of stupidity.

    No problem, there are plenty of spots as I said before. At the next spot we see some people we believe are riding ATVs. OK, no problem, we are not shooting anywhere near where the trails are. Then we notice they are shooting, out in the middle of a dry lake bed, at no backstop what so ever, in the direction of another group of people riding dirt bikes and ATVs. They litterally just stuck a piece of wood in the ground right in the middle of the dry lake and started shooting at it, even though the entire boundry of the dry lake is a suitable backstop.

    At this point, we decided it was not worth it, and perhaps a sign that we should not shoot today. We packed up and went home. We did manage to get a little shooting in before the idiocy began, but considering I just got a new rifle, the 30 rounds I got to shoot out of it leave much to be desired. Luckily we got some range time in yesterday.

    There are no private ranges within 30 minutes of us, which is very unfortunate because I would much rather pay to shoot then have to worry about people who have no business owning or shooting firearms. People like the ones we encountered today are nothing but ammunition for the liberals to pass strict gun laws. Its a damn shame because most of us (gun owning americans) are very responsible with our firearms. As with everything in life, the wreckless minority ruins it for the responsible majority.

    /end rant
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    RANT ON Megaton! [​IMG]


  3. dog2000tj

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    Stupid people everywhere Megaton, just make sure you watch out for you and yours. :)
  4. Gojubrian

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    Tell me about it!!

    We have a FREE outdoor range near where i live. It has a shelter, benches, large metal backstop infront of a hill, and target stands.

    Stupid adults and kids shoot there. I try to go early because apparently, stupid people sleep late( no offence to late sleepers).

    One incident these teens thought it was cool to 'pop caps' holding their hi-point pistols one in each hand truned sideways(gangsta style). That's fine except: 1. they dropped them twice 2. they turn their pistols where they look no matter who is standing there 3. they shot over the backstop several times!!

    Second incident the guy two benches down kept pointing his rifle at me! He apologized the third time he did it when I called him on it.

    Third time there was a lady there shooting a .22 magnum revolver. She also pointed at me, herself, and she dropped it loaded. :eek:

    I prefer the indoor pay range for my safety.
  5. CA357

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    It sounds like you were surrounded by Darwin Award candidates. Was there a Stupid Festival nearby?
  6. c3shooter

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    Later this afternoon, grand-urchin and I are headed for the range. Our ASSOCIATION range (yeah, she has her own membership card, and is an NRA member as well). Play gangsta on the 7 yd line, point a firearm at another shooter, shoot OVER the berm, etc- the closest member will call you on it. Nicely the first time.

    After that, the odds are high that it will not be a nice call- and will probably involve our beloved but crusty as hell resident gunsmith.

    Gave up entirely on local public range after (a) genius put targets on TOP of the backstop, was standing in parking lot shooting oer TOP of the firing line, (b) shooter demonstrating his marksmanship ability with a .380 pocket gun- at 100 meters (c) cowboy that put a bullet thru the roof- every other time he pulled trigger- 45 auto- one downrange, one straight up when weapon recoils.

    Had forgotten to take my Kevlar pills that day, left range, called game warden- free range operated by Game & Fisheries Dept. Will gladly pay the $100/ yr association fee.
  7. dango

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    I don't go to ranges,I like breathing.We live in a remote area and shooting safely is no problem.
    The last time I did go,there was a man and his ten year old son,he was handing him a 1911 .45 auto. I asked him if that was a bit much for the little guy? On recoil ,two rounds straight up, in the air I left.
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  8. Benning Boy

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    Belong to a club, vast majority of members spend their time in the clubhouse getting hammered, leaves the entire range to me.:)
  9. Minionsram

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    I will be joining a club real soon. I normally would drive to a friends house but that is 45 minutes away. I can not shoot SAFELY around here (but alot of idiots do) and the range is 5 minutes from the house:D
  10. ChuckD

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    That is a shame. Situations like that give gun owners a bad name and give good examples to anti gunners. :(
  11. flyingbrickracing

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    No public ranges near here, I drive 35+/- min. to a friends place or to state land where there is a few sand pits used as unofficial target ranges(per local forest ranger)
    I also have a friend with a camp in VT and the only dumbass thing to happen was a snowmobiler went past the many no tresspass signs right out on to the range and stops.Hes looking at the old fry pans,hub caps,and assorted junk we use for plinking and only realizes here he is when he (finally)looks our way and sees 5 rather large UNarmed (we went cold the moment we saw him) guys calling him every name in the book and suggesting he remove himself from the property post-haste.
  12. Megaton

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    Must have been. :D

    This is not the first time I have encountered 'people' of this nature. We decided we will not go shooting on saturdays anymore, and as was noted if we ever do go shooting on a saturday in the future it will be right at sunrise, as I too have observed that the idiocy peaks later in the day.
  13. Bill of Ojai

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    Before our Police pistol range closed to the public, we used to have mountain bikers appear out of nowhere riding on top of the backstop hill. Transitioning from paper punching to moving targets was a challenge, let me tell you!
    (Kidding, of course)
  14. mrm14

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    Last public range I went to was in 1997. Too many morons there and the RO was nowhere to be seen. Joined the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in 1997 and have gone there ever since. They tolerate "0" stupid there and will escort individuals off the property if need be. Membership is around $150.00 per year and that includes membership to NRA if you dont already belong. Great discounts on range fees and such things as targets. Also, opens you up to clubs that sponser competition events there. Only (1) 100 yd. rifle, (1) 7 to 50 yd. pistol, (1) 100 to 300 yd. pistol, and (3) Trap, Skeet, and Sporting clays are open to public. The rest of the range facilities is only open to members which includes the same distance pistol ranges and 100 yd, 200 yd.,300 yd. and 1000 yd., rifle. Also just newly added is tactical shotgun and pistol. May be 1500 meter rifle range in the works, not sure though. Sometimes a problem to shoot at the public side of the range lately, too many poeple, but the membership side is always open and rarely crowded. Real nice place, it's sometimes is my home away from home on weekends. In this neck of the woods, there just isnt any places to shoot anymore outside of shooting ranges. Alot of residential growth and County ordances have near totally shut down discharging firearms everywhere even in rural areas. Probably good though it's really flat here and there are very few backdrops to shoot against.