people are friggin stupid! (rant)

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    Biden's Puppy Breeder: "Never, Never, Never Again" | NBC Philadelphia

    so here's my deal. i dislike joe biden as much as the next guy but even I cant be mad at him for this and i will thus be defending him. the guy bought a puppy. the reason a lot of dogs are in shelters is because they weren't good dogs (not their fault, crappy owners) but either way the dogs are basically broke and it is a huge pain to try to fix a dog like that and at the end of the day even if you do fix it, it probably wont be as good as the dog you get as a puppy. even if the dog isn't messed up, its easier to train a puppy than it is to train an adult and almost all dogs you get from the pound are neutered so you can kiss breeding goodbye.

    part II. WHO FREAKING CARES!!!! there are hundreds of other things that are jacked up in this country right now that people should be protesting/sending death threats about that are more serious than the VP not buying a used dog. get over it people, if you are so great, go adopt a bunch of dogs from the pound, dont harass other people about it. if someone wants a puppy, let them get one. there must be something better to do with your time than to harass the VP and the dog kennel who is trying to make an honest living.

    and what is the deal with the state going and harassing the breeder! thats our tax dollars hard at work to go waste time harassing good business owners and writing tickets over minor/stupid things. yay government!

    rant over for now only because im watching a baseball game, if the royals lose done be surprised if come on and rant about eminent domain (we are doing that in school right now) or something else.
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    I read this story and I actually felt the same way. Yes, it's sad that dogs/cats/snakes/birds/foxes/half-breeds/giraffes - whatever, go un-wanted and are put down. I don't like it either, but at the end of the day, I bought my dog from an established breeder, with bloodlines traced one generation out of Germany, with guaranteed hips and 100% clean bill of health.

    Now, you show me a pound that offers that, and I will get my next one there, but the fact is, they don't.

    You are taking a risk. And a lot of people are emotionally okay with that. They are fine with giving a dog a try and if it doesn't work out, they can pawn them off, or abandon them, themselves....

    But I am not. When we got our dog, he was ours no matter what. We weren't going to abandon him or give him to a shelter. I give a lot of attention and love and care to my dog, and if he had displaced hips, common in German Sheppards, and he had to be put down in a few years, that would kill me - and it would hurt just as much to watch him suffering through the last year before I had the coolness of heart to put him down.

    Don't get me wrong, I will pull the trigger on a scumbag L-O-N-G before I could put my dog down.... and yes, that means I feel he is MORE use to society than today's "mis-understood youth" - I am a cold, cruel pastard that way, but my dog is worth more, to me, than any criminals life. Sorry. That is the way it is.

    So, Joe Biden wants a pedigreed dog. So what? He has the money and he has the means to pay for and take care of same. Who are you to judge?

    If he adopted one, they would have been *****ing that he could have adopted a dozen. So the guy couldn't win...

    Now, he did promise that he would adopt a dog from a pound, on a national television interview, and because he waffled and didn't stand his ground, I am going to call him on that and say "keep your effing word Joe" but if he said he wanted a dog with a pedigreed background because of the emotional attachment, I would be 100% in his corner on this one LONE issue....

    And I still HATE Joe Biden with a passion that only the comforting warmth and liquid of brain matter can put out....:cool:


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    I have two registered great danes. I wanted purebred great danes with good bloodlines. I don't show them, they are just family dogs.

    If people don't breed purebreds, soon there will be no purebreds and we'll look like vietnam with the dingo looking street dogs running around everywhere.

    People should be able to get the specific kind of dog they want.
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    I think the same requirements that go for adopting a child should apply to those trying to purchase a dog. I'm with J.D., I got my guy for specific reasons, he was raised the way I wanted him raised, and I care more about his life than most people I come across day to day.

    On the other hand, I have beef with a politician who doesn't have a pet, and bases any part of his campaign on the basis that he'll get one when he gets in office.