people are anxious and happy to learn reloading

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    I had a new friend stop by today I had mentioned that I just received my replacement 6 cavity 9mm mold from lee today. Lee does a good turnaround for getting things back to you. They learned how to cast bullets . I feel they had a good time doing it. I showed them how to "smoke the mold" a very important tip to help ease the bullets releasing from the mold. I explained some of the hazards of working with molten lead. how it is very important to have adequate ventilation , use gloves and to keep moisture away. Quite a long time ago my son-in-law came across some wheel weights for me. They looked fine. But beware not is all as it looks. I started to use them and low and behold, a hot molten volcano shot out at me and i ended up with second degree burns on my leg and ankle. ( Was he trying to get rid of me? (ha-ha)
    . Well as I have said to various people, experience is a cruel teacher. So I took an old pair of jeans and made a set of chaps. POINT of THIS
    BEWARE Take all the precautions and even double check, Then I showed them how to setup my 550 for some 357 magnums. I hopefully think they enjoyed learning these different steps involved in reloading.:D
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    Always start with all the wheel weights you need in the pot when smelting before turning on the heat. This will cook off any moisture long before the lead starts to melt.
    I only cast with a clean pot and clean ingots.

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    WOOT!! That would be me. Gspears signed up here a short time ago. I discovered he lived just about 4 miles from me. I went to meet him today and we cast some bullets and reloaded some .357's. But, of course, I am the "Honor Student: School of Hard Knocks" and I goofed some of them up. I wasn't pushing the lever all the way to load the primers so I made some rounds that didn't have primers on them. I told Gspears if there's a way to goof something up, I'll do it. I learn the hard way. But.......some turned out okay and I took home 6 rounds of .357's I made myself. Don't worry, Gspears did all the calculating for the gun powder, etc. I just worked the press.......though not very well all the time. :(

    I met his daughter and grandkids..........and his dog. His little 7 year old granddaughter told the dog to sit and it immediately planted it's butt on the ground. When I commented my dogs would never listen to a child, Gspears said his dog was pretty obedient. He told the dog to sit and it ignored him. The granddaughter once again told the dog to sit and it did. I thought that was very funny, indeed. I told the little girl she needed to come train my dogs for me. LOL

    Anyway, here's a picture of me casting some bullets. It was awesome.....




    And here's a picture of me screwing up the rounds on the reloader.........


    And then he pulled out these to show me. Many of you know how I feel about our Vietnam Vets and anything Vietnam related. These are some rounds on a bit of belt fed ammo. I forget the caliber but I'm sure there's a bunch of you who can tell me. Gspears even quizzed me to see if I knew what the orange tipped round was. :p And I knew it was a tracer round. See how much all you folks have taught me since I joined? When I joined here, I thought "the bullet" was the whole darned round, not just the part that goes shooting off. :(


    After we casted bullets and before we started reloading, we pulled all his firearms out of the gun cabinet and looked at them all. Most of the rifles were too heavy for my arthritic left arm to hold up for very long. But I was smitten with his granddaughter's youth rifle. It wasn't a Crickett but I can't remember what it was. That sweet little rifle fit me like a glove, I'm telling you. It felt so right shouldering it. Something I never feel when I shoulder a rifle. I'm going to get me a youth rifle. It's closer than you all think. ;)

    I had a great afternoon and I want to thank Gspears for being such a good host. Thanks. I had a great time.
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    Me and my old man are trying to get into reloading got the dies problem now is just getting a press were going with Lee and they're out of pretty much damn near everything.