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Here is my Pellet rifle starter list. I picked these because I own or have owned them or personally know someone who's owned one and I have used it. Scopes and optics are up to your Discretion I only dealt with few VERY FEW optics so refer to optics thread.

Price under $50:
Crosman 760 pumpmaster With optional optics and if you already have small rimfire scopes and have no clue on where to get the dovetail rings look no further! 625 fps starts at $40.

Lets look at another contender again from Crosman.

The Crosman Recruit! It has an adjustable stock and it uses a beefed up pumpmaster action 680fps. For the same price if you really love the pumpmaster (which I firmly believe is more ergonomic) Crosman came out with the pumpmaster 764 powermaster Same beefed up action. $50~

Ok now lets see what we can get for say under $100?

If you really love the multipump action look no further then the Crosman M4 177! It replicates the real deal in a whopping 625 fps with lead pellets! cost between $70-$90.

Now some of you might be saying "oh why have you only posted Crosman products?" Well Crosmans pump air rifles have these neat 5 shot pellet clips so you don't have to mess around for 10 minutes reloading like Daisy and for the price they have supurb ergonomics.

Now if you ARE the ultimate lazy like me Crosman has the 1077 CO2 pellet rifle 625. 12 shot rotary mag what more could you ask for $60-$90. No joke a neat pellet rife!

Now lets get into some rather cool stuff as we go to the $150 market where Crosman has some real competion. Yes we are talking about break-Barrel action!

First off Crosman nitro venom or the dusk if you like composite stocks. 1200 fps in .177 950 fps in .22 good 3-9x32 mil dot scope $149.99 Nitro piston. I highly recommend a nitro gas piston action because they last a lot longer. Next is the Gamo Big Cat, 1250 fps in .177 and 950 in .22; spring piston action sub-par 4x32 scope $129.99. Next one is the Gamo Silent stalker with nitro piston 1300 fps in .177 and 975 fps in .22 sub-par 4x32 scope $149.99.

forgot to add for just under $100 the crosman phantom no optics 1000 fps in .177 spring piston action.

Now pellets... I have to swear by crosman 500ct pellets anyone of them are good in above rifles. If you want to get fancy look into PBA or Gamo they are nice but a little pricey!

Anyway if you guys would like to add to anything that would be nice!

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In the $150 range you can't beat the Hatsan 95.
If you want to move into the $200 price range then the Hatsan 125 is really hard to beat.
You can look up reviews by Airgunweb on YouTube.

Also, as far as the Nitro Venom goes, you won't get the advertised velocity out of any of the Crosman/Benjamin guns. It's all Hype to sell the guns.
I have a Benjamin Trail NP in .22cal and it's a very accurate rifle(under a dime size group at 7 yards for 5 shots using a zero magnification Reflex Sight) but I'm only getting 745fps w/14.5gr RWS Super Dome pellets and if you drop back to the Crosman 14.3gr pellet that they're saying will give "up to 800fps" then you'll actually only get around 760fps, not the advertised 800fps.
Another thing, the CenterPoint scope that comes with the gun is total junk, it broke in two days(about 75 rounds) and was sent back to Crosman and I'm getting it replaced with one of their CenterPoint Multi-TAC Quick Aim Sights(i.e. dot sight) and I currently have a SightMark Reflex Sight on the gun.
The Nitro Piston guns get 4.5 Stars out of 5 but the optics they bundle with em' get ZERO stars.


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