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    This was a long time in coming! Wow! These have been advertised for awhile. I got one a few weeks ago and it is sweet. They have several variations: a side by side .50 cal, a .50 cal and a .20 guage smooth bore, and a side by side .20 guage. I got the double .20. It is typical Pedersoli quality and patterns great. I was getting a 4-5 inch pattern at around 12 yards. You can load a .60 patched round ball, load it as a shotgun, or buck and ball. I really liked the pattern thrown by a .60 topped off with 4 number 4 Buck. It has 11 inch barrels and a beautiful checkered stock with engraved locks. Check them out on the Pedersoli web site, A must have for dedicated BP shooters. These are just now coming out, Dixie Gun Works has a limited quantity in stock.

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