Pedersoli Flintlocks

Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by Sponge, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Sponge

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    How are they? I've been doing some reaserch in my quest for a .32 caliber Flintlock. Something along the lines of a Pennsylvania Long Rifle. They have some nice looking rifles and good prices, but I'm new to this so I wonder about the quality.
  2. gopher

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    The 69 Charlleville is outstanding work
    I use it for Reenacting Rev War
    and hunting =(14 Ga smooth Bore )
    If it their standerd you cant go wrong

  3. PRM

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    Been shooting them for over 2 decades - good quality guns. When you leave their grade, you go to custom made guns that double and triple in cost.
  4. Unkown Soldier

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    I bought one. Worse bore stuffer I ever owned. I was glad when the ole lady won it in the devorce.

    I had an 1803 Harpers Ferry. First off, it wasnt an 1803. It was an 1803-14 a combo of designs over a few years. The trigger gaurd broke off, and I replaced it with a Rifle shoppe casted from an original. One heck of a fitting process.

    The lock was pure garbage. The Frizzen spring was set to 300lbs, 7-10 is the norm. It sent the frizzen down range on the 8th shot. We ended up making a new one, seem they didnt have any spare for warranty parts.

    I do not miss my fine blonde EX, or the rifle she took with her. Misery deserved company
  5. Slickrick214

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    It sounds like you were unlucky enough to get a bad repro. From the ones I have shot and used I have had no problems at all. From owners I have heard very few bad things too. I would take a Pedersoli over those cheap made in India repro's.