Pedersoli Brown Bess

Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by ChesterCheeto, Aug 9, 2007.

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    I recently shot a brown bess and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these? For some reason it seems alot slower than the caplocks. I was wondering how much one might cost
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    Brown Bess

    Been shooting a Brown Bess for about 25 years. Great guns - you got a big round ball or a shot gun if you want it. Flintlocks are different from caplocks but if it is working right and the primeing pan is not overcharged, they are pretty quick. Try a thin line of powder in the pan. I bought a Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine off of Gun Broker about 6 months ago (New) for $825.00. Pedersoli makes one of the best. I have found flintlocks not to be as forgiving as caplocks. You get what you pay for, the higher quality the lock, the better it works. Flints are also another area you don't want to scrimp on. Dixie Gun Works has a good selection of English Flints. The cheaper flints won't give you as reliable ignition.