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pawn shop revolver

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If I wanted to purchase a revolver at a pawn shop what would I have to look for to make sure it isn't a piece of junk? I guess guns are just like guitars, you never know when some little crack you can't see ruins the whole value/tuning.
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run the numbers ??????????????

Most States require the copies of pawn tickets and or daily reports to go to the local law enforcement agency. Gone are the days of shady pawn dealers with all the federal regulations.

ALL Pawn shops ARE licensed FFL dealers.....They are NOT about to sell you a stolen firearm and have the BATF climbing up their butts and loosing their FFL !

ALL have relationships with local LE to assure their inventory is clean. Any MORON reporting a firearm stolen after signing a pawn ticket IS going to be prosecuted for making a false police report.

Most good pawn shops either inspect the firearms for safe function or have a local gun smith who checks them. Most with any sense would permit examination by a gunsmith or would take back a defective product.

If it is sold AS-IS....get someone to go in with you that is familiar with the firearm and make an honest evaluation...some may need some new parts to make the cylinder timing right.:cool:
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