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pawn shop revolver

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If I wanted to purchase a revolver at a pawn shop what would I have to look for to make sure it isn't a piece of junk? I guess guns are just like guitars, you never know when some little crack you can't see ruins the whole value/tuning.
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pawn revolver

To begin with,any gun you see in a pawn shop was pawned and lost by owner. That means that they weren't as passionite about ownership as most of us. That means that these firearms likely didn't recieve the same care level as we would bestow upon these guns. Another thing to do is run the numbers to MAKE SURE it wasn't declared stolen AFTER the pawn shop recieved this gun. Rugers are bank vaults with triggers,and S&W L or N frames are a lot tougher than K or J framed revolvers. Another thing to check for on a pawn shop gun is to make sure you get any and all accs that originally came with gun such as extra cylinder or scope rings.
The best way to check condition after detailed inspection is to pull trigger slowly while checking timing,kepping trigger pulled to rear after hammer falls,and try to shake cylinder on all axixes.
pawn gun

Dgunsmith-you are mostly right but partly wrong. I HAVE seen cases where somebody got a gun out of back of closet or bottom of drawer,and it wasn't discovered till later. This happened in all cases where a "friend" of someone in the house stole it either when he knew they wasn't home or when they wasn't looking and trusted him. ALWAYS let the buyer beware as if you take it down to local law enforcment,if it's stolen,they'll keep the gun and you have to get your money back from pawn shop. However,this isn't hard to do.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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