Patience & paranoia

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by zhuk, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Rant begins>

    Now I'm not someone who has a great store of natural patience (although damn you need to have some amount in this country!)

    Found out the other day while making enquiries about a "Safe Compliance Certificate" which I must get from the cops, that my PTA (permit to acquire - handgun) was received by the Firearms Registry 3 1/2 wks will be another week before they look at it & begin processing. God knows how much longer it will take after that, seems to be very variable according to how bothered they feel at the time/particular day/weather/cycles of the moon etc etc

    But...I can't shake this unsettling feeling that something will step in and turn the whole thing upside down. A federal election is due here on Aug 21, with the dreaded Greens expected to get control of the Senate, and possibly a couple of seats in the House as well :eek: No need to explain how virulently anti-firearms they are. The ruling Labor Party is swapping prefences with them, and amazingly so are the Conservative Liberal Party in some seats, just so Labor doesn't get them :rolleyes:

    So...a paranoid part of my brain is betting some legislative-kneejerk-craziness will be enacted which makes handguns illegal before I even get to take possession of my pistol, after all this godammed long time lol

    Yeah, I recognise this as paranoia...but it would just be my luck, wouldn't it? [​IMG]

    OK...I'll shut up now. Good to get that off my chest...
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    Would that it were that easy!

    Besides, doesn't your Govt have rules like immigrants must have some vaguely useful skill that society needs? Think I'd bowl a no-ball on that one :p
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    just wait a couple of weeks and swim over illegally.;)
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    Hell no, we elected an immigrant as President, come on over mate. :D
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    C'mon over Zhuk, although you may get points deducted for speaking English.