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    Hi everyone, well i acquired a parker bros shotgun from my father handed down from his father. the serial number is 2157**. i tried searching more about the gun but came up empty. I was just curious to what the shotgun would be valued at. It seems like a really nice gun yet to fire it. maybe someone can help me thanks:)
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    Parker Brothers shotguns are highly collectible; but values are all over the spectrum, with present existing examples fetching anywhere from $50 for a parts gun to more than $250K for a very rare and high-grade example. Values are determined by a multitude of factors, which will require more time than I have at the moment to explain; so I strongly encourage you to visit the Parker Gun Collectors Association at their web site, The PGCA has access to all remaining factory records and can provide some information on the history of your gun (assuming the records ledger with your serial number is not missing); although you must be willing to share the entire serial number to receive the assistance you seek. These guys will also tell you what information they will require regarding the specifics and condition of your gun so that you can have an approximate current value range of the gun for insurance purposes; but a real value appraisal by an expert will require personal inspection of the gun. If you do sell the gun, there are some unsavory dealers out there looking to take advantage; so get more than one appraisal, check values of similar grade/condition guns on web sites and at auction houses, and read/absord all the information you can locate. Good luck