Parents to Sue Maker of Metal Baseball Bats Over Son's Injury

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by sculker, May 17, 2008.

  1. sculker

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    Parents to Sue Maker of Metal Baseball Bats Over Son's Injury

    Saturday , May 17, 2008


    WAYNE, N.J. —
    A New Jersey couple, whose son was struck in the chest with a line drive, is planning to sue the maker of a metal baseball bat used in the game.

    Two years ago, Steven Domalewski was pitching when the ball slammed into his chest and stopped his heart. He was resuscitated but now has brain damage and is severely disabled.

    The family contends metal baseball bats are inherently unsafe for youth games because the ball comes off them much faster than from wooden bats. The lawsuit will also be filed against Little League Baseball and a sporting goods chain that sold the bat.

    An attorney says Domalewski will need millions of dollars worth of medical care for the rest of his life.

    The bat maker says while it sympathizes with Steven and his family, the bat is not to blame for the injury.,2933,356505,00.html
  2. Dillinger

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    The trend of the sue happy nation continues. There are no "accidents" anymore, someone is always responsible, and that someone is somehow responsible for you living out the rest of your days in the best possible of conditions.

    While I am sorry for the kid and his parents, I do not agree that the bat maker is responsible any more than I agree that the manufacturer of the Bushmaster rifle used by those two crack pots shooters ( I refuse to term then as the media did with the Sierra designation ) in D.C. was responsible.

    The beginning of the end in this battle was begun when that idiot owner from Bulleye's Shooting Supply, in Tacoma Washington where the AR in question was sold "out the back door" agreed to settle the victims lawsuit for the balance of his insurance policy, a ridiculous sum of $10 Million.


  3. Shooter

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    Amazing that people are so foolish. I hope they don't settle out of court.
  4. fapprez

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    Don't the parents have to sign a waiver or something? Obviously they would know of the inherent risks of playing a sport. There is not ONE single "sport" existing that has no risk of injury. Hell, you can't play air hockey without risking a broken finger! This is just some lame ***'s attempt at getting rich without having to do anything. Sure it sucks for the kid, and I truly do feel bad for the child and the parents but the parents SHOULD have known that this was a possible outcome, even if it is a rare one.
  5. Zappa

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    This is akin to suing GM for making cars that are too fast, because the driver of the Buick that hit you was speeding.
  6. mrwatch

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    I feel sorry for the child but the parents should not win. As for signing wavers they don't always stand up in court. Drag race strips have lost.
  7. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    This is just a waste of the courts time to many gosh dang sue happy people in this country :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. GlenJohnson

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    Let's see, they could have sued the vitamin maker of the person who was up to bat, they could have sued the person that resuscitated him, they could have sued the maker of the baseball, it's just endless. How about suing the trial lawyers that make this possible?:mad:
  9. c3shooter

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    Lawsuits seem to follow the principle of the shotgun- put enuff pellets in the air, you will hit something. As an old firend says "Oh Lord- they cut down the trees, and left the monkeys!" Now if y'all will excuse me, have to go work on my lawsuit against Sarah Lee for making me fat- It's all her fault, y'know.....
  10. hkusp45

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    Typical a hole parents that blame everyone else for their problems. They don't want to think about the fact that if they didn't let the kid play the accident wouldn't have happened in the first place. That blame everyone else attitude pisses me off!:mad:
  11. dnthmn2004

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    Thats so ridiculous. People are just looking for reasons to sue these days. And its almost impossible to win a legitimate lawsuit. So sad.
  12. Chance_P

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    haha i bet these stupid *******s bought the bat themselves. people make me sick
  13. RL357Mag

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    I'll bet all these manufacturers are happy that the gun industry pioneered the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. It set a precedent that should extend to other areas like baseball bats, ladders, cars, etc...
    I say we shoot all Trial Lawyers.
  14. cpttango30

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    You have to look at the state. When I was FORCED to dwell in NJ I went into a furinture store that was closing it had been there for something like 50 years. Why were they closing? Well turns out that some lady tripped over a child in their store and sued them. The kicker is it was her damn kid she tripped over she sued them because they did not control her kid. The store was closing because she won something like $2 million in damages. Just goes to show you something just ain't right in that state.

    Another law suite I heard of while Dwelling there was a man sued his doctor. The man had terminal cancer and the doctor said he had about 6 months to live. Well the guy went on a 2 month long vaccation to Europe and all over spending all his money and it had been 18 months and he was not dead yet. The stupid bastard won too. HUH wonder why health cost are going up? At that time they were losing doctors at an alarming rate in NJ. They all said I can't afford to pratice in the state because they kept raising the malpratice insurance rates. Many doctors were moving to PA because the Insurance rates were a lot lower than in NJ.

    One last thought on this. What else do you expect from a state where they make you turn right to go left.